Plastic Wood, Foamed Profile,Door Panel High-Speed Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

Door/Window  extrusion machine

Products Name: Plastic Wood, Foamed Profile,Door Panel High-Speed Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

Features Specifications:

Details about products
The extrusion lines consists of SJZ conical twin screw extruder and SJ single screw extruder, equipped with corresponding MSYF-series profile auxiliary accessories and moulds, the following products can be produced: PVC/PP/PE plastic & wood profile, plastic & wood sheet, foamed profile, panel and others. Specially designed screw, advanced and reasonable production process can protect the filing stuff made of polyolefine, polyvinyl-chloride wood fiber or fiber made of other cellulose from over-burning or color fading, and improving the fluidity of the composite material, helping the wood fiber be dipped in plastics well, making more equal mixture of wood fiber and plastics, therefore, operation at relatively low temperature is feasible, which is good for the mould to release the material and minimizes cracks of melted material and edge tearing during forming the filling stuff of plastic & wood fiber composite material.
Performance and characteristics
1. Optimized high efficiency conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder are applicable to extrude PVC product with many kinds of prescription of raw material. The advantages are compact structure, equal plasticity and mixture, stable quality, wide application range, long service life, free of maintenance for screw temperature control, low compression ratio, low speed & high output, high rated torque, low maintenance cost, excellent quality and perfect performance.
2. The forced material feeding system is specially designed to match the twin screw , so as to make sure stable high-speed plastic & wood product extrusion.
3. Strong and durable hard-surface drive system makes sure the stable pressing amount and good quality.
4. The temperature system keeps stable output at different speed of the screws.
5. Automatic closed-loop control is realized via smart modular C4 control system.
6. For those customers who request screw & barrel and gearbox critically, the European imported products are the reasonable option.
7. Vacuum calibrator table is designed on the basis of ultra-long quick cooling technique; quick vacuum adjustment system assures the stable vacuum degree and quick shaping of PVC/PP/PE plastic & wood profile and sheet.
8. The Haul-off is double driving mechanism, all the caterpillar bands are driven separately by AC motors and controlled by digital controllers, which is very important for accurate speed adjustment and removes the possibility of slipping due to unequal driving force distribution, and therefore, the stability of plastic & wood profile extrusion is gained.
9. Horizontal/vertical cutter and saw cutters are the options, which can be controlled by PLC.

Modle Width(mm) Extruder Speed(m/min) Output(kg/h)
MSYF-180 180 51/105 0.6-4 60-150
MSYF-240 240 65/120 0.4-3 120-150
MSYF-300 300 65/132 0.4-3 120-160
MSYF-400 400 80/156 0.4-2.5 200-300
MSYF-600 600 92/188 0.4-2 420-620
MSYF-1000 1000 92/188 0.2-1.5 500-700
MSYF-1200 1200 100/200 0.2-1.2 600-850

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