Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

Features Specifications:

Details about products
KR-series PE/PPF50-F1200 horizontal or vertical double-wall corrugated pipe extrusion line is totally developed by our company, which is one of the projects under national Torch Plan with the itemed no. 2001EB000057 and file no. 2001.350 issued by State Science and Technology Department. The project fills the blank of the technology in the field locally. Double-wall corrugated pipe has advantages of light weight, easy installation, low cost, chemically corruption-resistant, dirt-free on the inside wall, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, high capability of quick transferring for cracks, good conductivity for electricity, etc. The steel frame winding hollow corrugated pipe can be produced when related auxiliary equipment equipped after slightly revising the PE double-wall corrugated pipe extrusion line.
Main uses: drainage in cities, dirt discharging project, sewage, irrigation, sand prevention, low-pressure water supply, revamping of dirt discharging duct, cabling protection, etc.

Equipment characteristics
1. The whole line system is controlled by digital smart central control system PLC/PCC, large color screen HMI is used, it running stably and easy operated.
2. KRSJ-series PE high-efficiency single screw extruder is used, the material is fed separately for inner and outer layers of the corrugated, different color and different raw material for inner and outer layers can be realized, and it greatly competitive in the market.
3. Ultra-cold cooling system is applied. Discharging speed is 15% lifted compared to the domestic equipment. PLC lubrication system minimizes the wear of the forming mould and prolongs the service life and precise operation, good quality as well.
4. Offline double-wall belling and random length setting can be realized besides online double-layer belling. The thickness of belling meets the requirement of the state standard. The creep changing and leakage of the joint are totally removed.
5. Single and double extruders can be running either separately or jointly. Double-color double-wall corrugated pipe can be produced.
6. Optimized corrugated crest provided structure, unique ripple design, material can be saved 4% more than others of the same type, higher ring stiffness and lower weight per meter are achieved meanwhile.and perfect combination
7. Special-structured composite mould makes the inner and outer wall thickness even and stepness adjustable of wall thickness can be achieved. Special-alloyed corrugated mould is precise, strong enough and easy heat transferring, which can improve working efficiency.
8. Innovative mould changing technique can shorten changing time so as to enhance efficiency
9. High-precise positioning system can identify the position of the mould block.
10. The function of long istance communication can diagnose and remove malfunction.

Modle size Extruder Max.Output(kg/h) Total Power(KW) Raw material
KRDBG-50 Φ8-50 KRSJZ45/30 25-60 39 PE/PP/PA12/PA6/PVC
KRDBG-160 Φ50-160 KRSJZ65/132 150-220 65
KRSJZ65/33*2 180-260 210 PE/PP/PA6
KRDBG-500 Φ200-500 KRSJZ92/188 400-700 565 PVC
KRSJ75/33 KRSJ90/33 300-600 575 PE/PP
KRDBG-800 Φ500-800 KRSJZ92/188
500-800 695 PVC
KRSJZ120/33 KRSJ90/33 600-1050 780 PE
KRDBG-1200 Φ800-1200 KRSJZ120/33 KRSJZ120/33 900-1600 1180 PVC/C-PVC
KRDJJG-600 reinforced pipe Φ200-500 KRSJJZ92/188 400-700 565 PVC

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