PP-R, PP, PB, PERT, PA11, ABS, PEX Polyolefine Pipe High-Speed & High-Efficiency Extrusion Line

ABS Pipe Extruder

Products Name: PP-R, PP, PB, PERT, PA11, ABS, PEX Polyolefine Pipe High-Speed & High-Efficiency Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

Details about products
PP-R, PP, PB, PERT, PA11, ABS, PEX polyolefine pipe high-speed & high-efficiency extrusion line is developed based on the years of experience of design & assembly and imported advanced technique & process. Starting with extruder, all the automatic machines and downstream equipments are wholly automatically controlled during the entire progress from charging to discharging. The whole line will be commissioned by the engineer from our company then to hand over to the customer, and the period of time for bringing the extrusion line into good condition is shortened. We guarantee the completeness and synchronization of the downstream equipment and the auxiliary equipment to meet the requirements of extrusion. The advantages are high stability of automatic control system, easy operation and easy maintenance. The dual pipe lines can be arranged according to the demand of extrusion efficiency, covering area, labor and power consumption from customers. One main machine, one set of dual pipe moulds and 2 sets of separately controlled downstream equipments will be provided for the customers. If corresponding auxiliary equipments added, multiple-layer co-extruded pipes with EVOH blocking function can also be manufactured. Based on the market demand, stable KR-AL-KR composite pipe and plastic & aluminum composite pipe can be fabricated if aluminum forming machine and gluing device are available.
Equipment characteristics
1.Highly optimized high-efficiency BM screw applicable to different types of raw materials
2.The screw and the IKV forced feeding grooved barrel match well, which provides possibility for stably high-speed extrusion.
3.Strong and durable hard-surface drive system makes sure the stable pressing amount and good quality.
4.The temperature system keeps the different screw at the stable temperature so as to gain the stable output.
5.Well functioning co-extruder can be controlled either separately or linked with main machine.
6.2-5 layers of the special-purpose composite pipes can be satisfactorily handled.
7.Automatic closed-loop control is realized via smart modular C4 control system.
8.For those customers who request screw & barrel and gearbox critically, the European imported products are the good choices.
9.Small-size KR25/25single co- extruder is used for marking the lines.
10.Spiral mould can be used at low temperature and low pressure for high-speed extrusion, which is vital for good quality of the pipes.
11.Based on different pipes, a few methods calibrators can be chosen as follow: wet end method, butterfly method, moveable water circle method, changeable diameter method calibrator etc.
12.Vacuum calibrator is built on the basis of separate chamber technique, and the quick vacuum adjustment system ensures the vacuum degree and quick shaping.
13.Spray cooling tank is designed with optimized spraying positioning and piping, which guarantees the strength of the large diameter pipe and quick cooling.
14.The double driving device can satisfy high-speed pipe extrusion.
15.Non-dust cutter has the length tracking function which is controlled by PLC.

Modle Pipe size Extruder Max.Output(kg/h) Total Power(KW) Extrusion line length(m)
KRPPRG-32 Φ10-32 KRSJ45/30
30-80 45 28
KRPPRG-63 Φ20-63 KRSJ65/33
120-150 80 36
KRPPRG-250 Φ75-160 KRSJ75/33
180-320 180 45

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