Extrusion Lamination Machine

Extrusion Laminating Machine

Model No:

LA-FM Series

Products Name: Extrusion Lamination Machine

Features Specifications:

Our company offers the most adaptable extrusion lamination machines for various applications, such as for flexible packaging films like: BOPP, CPP Nylon and Aluminum foil, or for craft paper, release paper, tissue paper, cardboard paper, woven fabric, etc. LDPE, PP PEVA, EVA and Surlyn is also suitable.
Extruder: O100mm, L/D=32:1
Extrusion output: 280 kg/hr for PE
Working line speed: 180 M/min.
Substrates width: 1,200mm
Max. winding diameter: 800mm
Standard Parts:
-100mm extruder with 100HP DC motor or AC vector inverter.
-Ceramic heater for barrel heating.
-Gear box imported from Europe; with SKF thrust bearing.
-Temperature controller of PID display with SSR output.
-Melt pressure and thermo gauge, Dynisco brand.
-Melt pressure adjustable adaptor.
-Aluminum heater for T-die.
-Taiwan made EPC for unwinder.
-Unwinder with power brake control.
-Main cooling roller of 600mm diameter.
-Cooling rollers with fast changeover joint.
-Prime anchor coater with 1,200mm x 2 heating length.
-Powder spray for winder.
-Air shafts for both unwinder and winder.
-Bottom cutter for unwinder & winder.
-Auto loader and hopper dryer.
-Total PLC control system with 10" touch screen color monitor.
Optional device:
-Hydraulic screen changer.
-In feed unit in between unwinder and lamination unit.
-Prime anchor coater with 1,800mm x 2 heating length.
-Additional unwinder before lamination unit.
-Top cutter for unwinder and winder.
-Japanese made or American made T-diel Corona surface treater.
-Water chiller.
-Extra cooling roller of mirror finished or semi mat surface.
-Extra silicon rubber roller.
Air conditioner for control panel.
-Other special accessories.

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