UPVC Pipe, C-PVC Pipe, Core Foamed Pipe, Inner Spiral Pipe, Hollow Inner Spiral Pipe

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Products Name: UPVC Pipe, C-PVC Pipe, Core Foamed Pipe, Inner Spiral Pipe, Hollow Inner Spiral Pipe

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KR-series multi-function extrusion line for PVC pipe is developed based on the foreign technique and actual local situation, which is highly automatically controlled and is ranking at the leading position domestically. PVC pipe has been holding a big share in the market, which is used as pressured pipe and non-pressure water discharging pipes, including fresh water supply, low pressure pipe water discharging pipe for building, drainage pipe and cable protection. We supply conical twin screw high-efficiency extruder (SJZ45/90---SJZ100/200) and parallel conical twin screw extruder (SJP75/26----SJP130/26-33), the output rate reaches up to 1200KG/H. To realize high amount of additive calcium(CaCO3), the KR-series screw and barrel are made with special material BEXALIT, which is greatly wear-resistant and it抯 bimetallic material, so its service life is very long. The dovetail-shaped spider structural mould is available for PVC extrusion, all kinds of PVC ranging among Ø16-Ø800mm can be produced if going with corresponding auxiliary device and belling machinery.
Equipment characteristics
1. Optimized high-efficiency conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder are suitable for producing PVC pipes with different prescriptions of raw material and stocks. Advantages: compact structure, even melting and mixing, stable quality, wide scope of applicability, long service life, and maintenance-free temperature control system of screw , low compression ratio, low rotation speed, high output, high rated torque, low maintenance cost, excellent performance.
2. The special-purpose forced feeding system matched with twin screw keeps the PVC extrusion stable.
3. Strong and durable hard-surface drive system makes sure the stable extrusion output and good quality.
4. Temperature control system guarantees stable output when different screws are at different speed.
5. 3 layers of the special-purpose composite pipes can be satisfactorily handled.
6. Automatic closed-loop control is realized via smart modular C4 control system.
7. For those customers who request screw & barrel and gearbox critically, the European imported products would be the good choices.
8. Dovetail-shaped spider structural PVC mould can minimize joint line of the melted material to ensure the good quality. Spherical-surface joint is adopted for the bush and pin, which is easy adjusted, quick, material saving and time saving. Ceramic heater or cast aluminum heater can serve for longer time. Dovetail-shaped design, proper compression ration and material stay time make the pipe surface smooth.
9. According to different process, induction chrome plated stainless steel or wear-resistant copper diameter collar can be used.
10. Vacuum calibrator tank is built based on high-efficiency dual chamber calibration technique and ultra-long quick cooling technique; quick vacuum adjustment system ensures the vacuum degree and quick calibration of PVC.
11. Rain curtain type spraying tank is built with optimized spraying positioning and piping, which guarantees the strong, quick and equal cooling for large diameter pipe.
12. The drive is the 3-8 caterpillar driving device, all the caterpillar bands are driven separately by AC motors and controlled by digital controllers, which is very important for accurate speed adjustment and removes the possibility of slipping due to unequal driving force distribution, therefore, the stability of extrusion is gained.
13. The hydraulic planetary cutter cuts the pipe , one is rotary cutting, another is synchronizing cutting with bevel angle. The cutter is hydraulically controlled, and it has the function of length tracking, which is monitored by PLC.
14. KR-series automatic double-furnace heating belling machine with vacuum fixed diameter are good choices, which can guarantee the quality and raise the efficiency of belling machine.

Modle size Extruder Max.Output(kg/h) Total Power(KW) Extrusion line length(m)
KRPVCG-32 Φ16-32 KRSJ45/90 40-80 55 28
KRPVCG-63 Φ20-63 KRSJ55/110 160-220 80 33
KRPVCG-63x2 Φ20-63 KRSJZ65/132
or KRSJP75/26
150-250 85 36
KRPVCG-160 Φ75-160 KRSJZ65/132
or KRSJP75/26
180-260 110 43
KRPVCG-250 Φ110-250 KRSJZ80/156
or KRSJP90/26
280-350 190 45
KRPVCG-450 Φ160-450 KRSJZ92/188
or KRSJP90/26
450-650 320 51
KRPVCG-630 Φ315-630 KRSJZ92/188
or KRSJP130/26
600-850 450 65
KRPVCG-800 Φ500-800 KRSJZ100/200
or KRSJZ130/26
700-1000 650 70

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