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Located in Taiwan, FKI is the manufacturer of Three Layer T-Die Co-Extrusion Cast Film Machine. The demand of the Mono Layer/Multi layer T-Die Cast Film Extrusion Line has became more and more, which widely involved in many applications of packaging field, such as: 1. Decoration film 2. Gift wrapping film 3. Flower wrapping film 4. Stationery product packaging film 5. Lining film for dry/wet lamination 6. Sanitary product packaging film 7. Flexible packaging film 8. High barrier food packaging film With its outstanding optical and physical properties, either the mono layer or multilayer cast film being widely used in many applications, due to the well developed materials grades and additives, plus the well designed processing equipment with high precision control system as a full package to set the positiveness.
* Extruder
1. Screw with barrel flight and special designed mixing tip giving higher extruding output and perfect resin mixing which suitable for PE, PP and various cast film grade resin.
2. Using special bimetal barrel giving longer running life.
3. Using ceramic heater bands giving average heating and best temperature keeping. Forced type concentrated cooling system for barrel giving best cooling efficiency and temperature controlled stably.
4. Temperature controlled with PID saving power consumption, and guarantee the temperature tolerance within 1 degree C for more stable melt material.
* Screen changer
Fast change and easily controlled auto hydraulic screen changer with melt pressure / temperature indicator.
* Gear pump
Using MAAG brand gear pump with PLC control system for the melt pressure and giving stable extrusion output for best film quality at both vertical & transverse direction.
* Feed block
Using advantage feed block, EDI brand, ex USA.
* T-die
Using auto die, EDI brand, ex USA with in-line film thickness measure system, NDC brand, and feed back to the T-die for automatically film thickness adjustment. New heavy duty type iron frame giving more stable support for T-die and easier to operate the T-die for better film thickness.
* Vacuum air chamber & Air knife
New two layer type vacuum chamber with soft box designed to provide over an enlarged area to enhance pinning of the melt curtain onto the roll surface for best film quality.
* Chilling roller
Two chilling roller type design, dia. 800mm steel roller and surface with chrome planting. Internal the chilling roller is with special two housing four spiral water circuit design to have best chilled efficiency and even roller temperature which suitable for higher line speed and higher output.
* Oscillating device
Using oscillating device giving very stable displacing motion in high speed machine running to make the winding roll is complete flat for best film roll quality.
* Winding unit
2 Position turret center winding unit, of fully automatic control with auto splicing, auto cut & tapeless change over.
When the film length reaches the setting length, the winder will be automatic controlled with splicing, cut and tapeless change over, and continuously winding. Saving the man power and stick gummed tape on winding shaft.
Features of new winding unit:
1. Less turret center height for easy change over.
2. Max. winding diameter reaches dia.1200mm, and equipped with winding press roller.
3. Increase the change over speed to reduce the film roll lost.
4. Static electricity splicing type saving to use gummed tape on the winding shaft.
5. Strengthen the structure and diameter of turret shaft, and using taper bearing for better positioning.
6. Using 2 brakes to have best positioning to improve winding stability after change over.
7. Improving the change over safety by using 60 degree angle.
* Edge trimming, recycle and feed back system
Special designed air return piping system with powerful suction stabled the edge trimming feed back.
Individual edge trimming crusher and silo tank to 100% recycled the edge trimming and feed back to extruder which saving the production cost.
* PLC control system
Equipped with HMI interface control system, Allen Bradley brand, ex. USA, with PLC automatic programming control, and 15" TFT color LCD touch screen.
Temperature control with heating/cooling double loop PID integrated temperature control.
With friendly operation function for whole line auto synchronous function, single units synchronous operation function, recipe storage management, alarms management, and etc for operator to easy work and have best quality products.
* Other advantage components
Equipped with swing type auto tension control system for all tension value feed back and well automatic controlled by PLC to individual motor drives to keep very stable tension value and good film quality in production.
1.Using elevated extrusion platform to reduce required space.
2.Using one step trimming unit and save 200mm width of T-die & rollers.
3.Sort the distance between T-die & adaptor and have higher stability extruding.
4.New heavy duty type iron frame giving more stably support for T-die.
5.New designed winding unit with higher overturn speed and more stable position of film rolls turnover.
* Extruder: O75mm/O125mm/O75mm
* Net film width
* Film thickness: 0.02mm ~ 0.08mm
* Production output
-450 kg/hr
* Feed block: 3 layer
* T-die width: 2,500mm
* Chill roll
-O600mm x 2,500mm

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