High Speed Cooling Mixing Machine

Plastic Mixer

Products Name: High Speed Cooling Mixing Machine

Features Specifications:

Used in the technics of plastic compounding, mixing, drying, coloring up ,etc. this machine is the ideal product for manufacturing plastic profile and plastic pipes.
Equipped with principal axis airproof settings
The heat-mixing unit has the function of self-friction, electricity heating and steam heating boiler cover adopts double-path airproof and the cold mixing unit also uses vaulted cover, which is not easy for distortion. This machine features compact structure, nice appreance,etc.
Equipped with impulse dust removing fitting
Palms are through both static and kinetic balance tests.

Item Hot mix/cold mix Hot mix/cold mix Hot mix/cold mix
Total volume 100/200 200/500 500/1000
Effective volume 65/130 150/320 330/650
Impeller speed 630/1300/200 630/1300/130 430/860/100
Heating Cooling Electricity,Since the mill/Water
Motor Power 14/22/535 30/42/5.5 47/67/15
Outer dimensions 3.2*2*2.1 4.6*2.2*2.5 5.6*3*3.1
Unit Size 2500 3400 6500

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Qingdao Royal Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

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