Heating/Cooling Mixer Unit(SRL-Z Series)

Plastic Mixer

Products Name: Heating/Cooling Mixer Unit(SRL-Z Series)

Features Specifications:

SRL-Z series mixing unit is applicable for mixing, coloring and drying of various resin such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC etc, and in the process of drying and volatilization of engineering plastics such as ABS polycarbonate etc before forming and processing as well as in the mixing of phenolic resin. The unit combines heat mixing and cool mixing together. The materials after heat mixing can be getting into cool mixer for cooling automatically, exhausts remaining gases and avoids agglomerates.

Model SRL-Z200 /500W SRL-Z300 /600W SRL-Z500 /1000W SRL-Z500 /1600W SRL-Z800 /2000W
Total Volume(L) 200/500 300/600 500/1000 500/1600 800/2000
Effective Volume(L) 150/320 225/384 375/660 375/1024 560/1280
Production Capacity (kg/h) 370-400 500-600 800-1000 800-1000 1300-1500
Main Shaft Speed (r/min) 490/980/70 480/964/70 441/886/60 441/886/51 330/660/51
Motor Power(kw) 30/42/7.5 40/55/11 47/67/1.5 55/75/18.5 83/110/18.5
Heating Power /Cooling medium 6KW/Water 9kw/Water
Unload way Pneumafic
Weight 3.5 3.8 7.8 8.5 95

Model SRL-Z800 /2500W SRL-Z1000 /3500W SRL-Z800 /4000W
Total Volume(L) 800/2500 1000/3500 1600/4000
Effective Volume(L) 560/1600 750/2240 1120/2550
Production Capacity (kg/h) 1300-1500 1800-2000 2600-3000
Main Shaft Speed (r/min) 330/660/51 330/660/51 330/660/51
Motor Power(kw) 83/110/22 110/150/30 83/110*2/37
Heating Power /Cooling medium Self-fricition Water
Unload way Pneumafic
Weight 11 12 12

Heating/Cooling Mixer Unit(SRL-Z Series)

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Zhangjiagang Gerui Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

Main Product:

cone double-screw-stem extruder, single-stem extruder, high-speed mixer, sets of production lines of pipe materials, shaped materials, sheet materials and obvious kinds of auxiliary machine.

Main Markets:

Russia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Myanmar, Libya, South Africa and others.




Leyu Economic Development Zone,Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu,China






Shen Jianbo
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