Large Caliber Hollow Wall Teine Pip Production Line

Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: Large Caliber Hollow Wall Teine Pip Production Line

Features Specifications:

Now in the country, drainage pipes almost adopt cement ones. Because its chemical characteristics is not steady, its joint is not tight, is easy to leak and pollutes the environment. It has become a main pollution for citizens of modern cities. The cast pipe has shortcomings of construction fee is high, not easy to be built and others. Now it has been forbidden. In recent years, plastic pipe has taken the place of cement ones. The new large-diameter hollow twisted pipes are paid high attention. It is widely used in drainage, expressway, exhausting rain in the stadium, field irrigating and others.
◇  The main machine adopts High-efficiency single-screw stem extruder with strengthening plasticing and mixing function to ensure low temperature and low pressure high speed extruding.
◇  It adopts compound machine head, double machine coopering feeding; screw rotation shaping compound technology to ensure high quality of the products.
◇  It adopts auto temperature adjustment or PLC control. The operation is convenient, steady and reliable.

Item/Model Produced pipe speification(mm) Extruder Total power of production line(kw) Appearance size(L*W*H)(cm)
Model Dia of serew (L/D) Total power(kw)
ZKRG600 φ200-600 SJ65 33:1 45 120 12*22*2.6
    SJ45 30:1 11    
ZKRG1200 φ700-1200 SJ90 33:1 110 280 12*25*2.7
    SJ65 33:1 30    
ZKRG2200 φ1300-2200 SJ120 33:1 160 400 15*28*2.8
    SJ90 30:1 75    

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Zhangjiagang Gerui Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

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cone double-screw-stem extruder, single-stem extruder, high-speed mixer, sets of production lines of pipe materials, shaped materials, sheet materials and obvious kinds of auxiliary machine.

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Russia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Myanmar, Libya, South Africa and others.




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