PS Series Plastic Crusher

Plastic Crusher/Granulator

Products Name: PS Series Plastic Crusher

Features Specifications:

PS series Plastic Crusher(Shredder) is suitable for crush various soft and hard plastics, take the board, ball-type bar-type and offcut of plastic to granulate into granules, in the plastic and rubber industry, it plays important role that can process and recyle the defective products, waste products and offcut of plastic quickly and promote the plastic availability
1.Integral body,sturdy and durable,keep excellent performance after using long time.
2.Heavy loading bearing and dust protection device,the sound-proof bunker can prevent vibration and noise effectively.
3. Paddle-blades rotor adopting shear principle,made of high chromium steel,shred the various plastic easily.
4.The gap of knife is adjustable,they can be dismounted when they have been unsharped,and to be used repeatedly,long time using life.
5.Separable design,the bunker,main body,mesh frame are dismounted easily,convenient for bunker cleaning.

Model PS200 PS300 PS400 PS500 PS600 PS800 SWP400
Diameter of Rotating Blade 200 240 250 300 400 410 400
Rotating Blade Quantity   9 12 15 18 24 5
Rotating Speed of Rotating Blade(r/min) 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Fixed Blade Quantity: 2 2 2 2 4 4 2
aperture of Screen(mm) φ8 φ10 φ10 φ10 φ10 φ10 φ10
Grinding Capacity(kg/h) 80-150 250-450 250-450 300-500 400-600 600-800 350-450
Power(kw) 4 7.5 7.5 11 18.5 22 15
Power Source 3φ380V50Hz
Aperture of Feed Inlet(mm) 210x230 260x400 260x400 320x500 400x600 420x800 375x320
Machine Weight(kg) 350 650 650 850 1200 1350 980

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