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Products Name: Special Use Plastic Sheet Line

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Plastic geo grid production line: Geo grid sheet is a new building material, because of its reasonable structure, good performance and low cost. When compare with the plastic network made through rotation forming method, the geo grid product is better in strength and stable performance. Geo grid is widely used in irrigation, highway, rail way, mine and building project. As building dam, maintenance of the dam, etc. With these effective features, it has perspectives in the market.
PP construction plate: It is mainly used for substitution of wood plate or steel plate, and there is no need to coating the oil on the PP construction plate, so that the PP construction plate can be recycled and used. It is a environment protection construction material with a very good potentiality.
PP, PE, PVC beehive plate: It has advantages of low weight, high intensity, heat preservation, sound insulation, anti-erosion, non toxic and deleterious, and it has the features of energy absorption, vibration decreasing and absorption when impacted.
Application: Body of the car, carriage of train, shipping and building, decoration of top grade building, clapboard and body protection items and etc. PVC, EVA, PE water-proof coil sheet: It is a new type water-proof material with a high anti-penetration capability, it has the features of good water-proof ability, heat resistance, high intensity and extension and contraction, and it has a very good anti aging property.
(1) Water-proof in the roof and wall for the industrial and home building
(2) Water-proof in the underground of the building, including the water-proof for the reservoir, dam, pool
(3) Water-proof for the tunnel, commissariat warehouse, defense engineering,garbage embedding,artificial lake and etc.
PE air bubble film: it is made from the PE resins. PE air bubble film not only has the features of good antivibration,anti-impact, but also it has the advantages of non toxic, no smell, anti humidity, anti-erosion, good transparency and etc. Because inside the air bubble is the air, so the film is very light and has a good elasticity. It is widely used for the packing of any item which requires high demand in anti-vibration. PE air bubble film can completely substitute the protection item made by foamed granules, and it can be the first packing choice for the electronics, cosmetics, and vide CD products.

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various plastic pipes extrusion lines including large diameter PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, large diameter PE/PVC solid wall pipe extrusion line, PP-R/PEX/PE-RT cool/hot water pipe extrusion line, PA/PE/PVC single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line; various plastic profile extrusion lines; various plastic plate & sheet extrusion lines; chemical fiber spinning; microcomputer controlled automatic blow molding machines; plastic auxiliary recycling lines; various single & twin screw and barrel extruders; T die; screen exchangers; rollers and Robots .etc.




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