Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machinery(PLC Model)

Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Products Name: Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machinery(PLC Model)

Features Specifications:

Mainly used in the shaping of BOPS.HIPS.PP.PVC.PET plastic sheet. It is widely used in the manufacturing of all kinds of plastic plate, box, bowel, and some packing products. Such as :foodstuff container, cake container, supermarket pallet ,medicine pallet ,salver and so on.
The character of the equipment:
Continuous shaping with high speed,producing process:plastic sheet stacker----heating----shaping----cooling----disengaging----cutting----arranging. Vertical design of sheet pulling:pull sheet with high speed in order to shorten the occupying time,reduce the consumption of electricity and ensure the shaping quality.
Special temperature control for every piece:It takes the special ceramic heating rings to even the temperature.Compared with the traditional machine,it can save 50 percent electricity.
Additionally it has the system of air cooling and water cooling as well as spraying fog with high speed to accelerate shaping and ensure the shaping quality.
The heater takes seal heating to make .heating more even and reduce the consumption ,additionally it has the manual switch to control the vertical rising and falling of the heater.That will be useful for the quality controlling in the producing process.
Driving by double chains fixed on the transmitting belt,it also can ensure the precision and stability in the rotationprocess with high speed.It sets the functions of the twice vacuum and adjusting the mould to make the difficult product more easy to shape and improve the product quality

Sheet width mm 100-170
Sheet thickness mm 0.1-1.2
Forming area,max m2 630*1220
Forming m 200
Production speed times/min 4-12

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Main Product:

various plastic pipes extrusion lines including large diameter PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, large diameter PE/PVC solid wall pipe extrusion line, PP-R/PEX/PE-RT cool/hot water pipe extrusion line, PA/PE/PVC single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line; various plastic profile extrusion lines; various plastic plate & sheet extrusion lines; chemical fiber spinning; microcomputer controlled automatic blow molding machines; plastic auxiliary recycling lines; various single & twin screw and barrel extruders; T die; screen exchangers; rollers and Robots .etc.




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