Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply And Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Large Diameter Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply And Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

Application: With this production line you can extrude high quality large diameter water supply and gas supply pipes. The pipes produced by our line have excellent stiffness and flexibility, resistance to creep deformation, excellent heat-linkage. Large diameter HDPE pipes start to play very important role in the city water and gas supply systems.
Properties and Advantages: The production line consists of control system, extruder, mould, calibration unit, haul-off unit, planetary cutter and stacker.
Downstream equipment: The die head is the latest designed lattice type or spiral diffluence type, it features in easy adjustment and even extrusion. The calibration unit adopts the special slotted technology and it is cooled down by the water ring, so that the pipe can be precisely made. The electrical control parts, equipped with PLC module and LC, features in perfect alarm system, friendly human-machine interface and easy operation.

Technical parameters

Line Model Pipe Specifications Supporting extruder Largest extrusion capacity Totalinstalled power
JWPEG-160 Φ63-Φ160 JWS25/25 JWS65/33 120-220 1230
JWPEG-250 Φ110-Φ250 JWS25/25 JWS75/33 280-330 260
JWPEG-450 Φ160-Φ450 JWS25/25 JWS90/33 450-600 400
JWPEG-630 Φ315-Φ630 JWS25/25 JWS120/33 700-900 550
JWPEG-800 Φ400-Φ800 JWS90/33 JWS105/33 800-1200 700
JWPEG-1200 Φ800-Φ1200 JWS105/33 JWS105/33 1000-1400 1100
JWPEG-1600 Φ1000-Φ1600 JWS90/33 JWS120/33 1200-1600 1300

Multi-tracked tractor main technical parameters

Model QY250/3 QY280/4 QY630/6 QY630/6A QY800/6 QY1200/10
Traction diameter range 75-250 50-280 250-630 315-630 400-800 800-1200
Track number 3 4 6 6 6 10
Track contact length 1340 1400 2000 2100 2650 2850
Track traction 3 5 10 10 15 20
Track the total power 4 4 4.8 4.5 4.5 7.5

Planetary Cutting Machine Main technical parameters

Model Scope Heavy revolution speed Cutting motor power Center height Dimensions
QG250 120-250 0.5-5rpm 2.2kw 1150 3040*1640*1810
QG630 250-630 0.5-5rpm 2.2kw 1200 3260*1750*2100
QG800 500-800 0.5-5rpm 3kw 1350 3565*2715*2425
QG1000 250-1000 0.5-5rpm 3kw 1600 3580*2715*2675
QG1200 800-1200 0.5-5rpm 4kw 1750 4520*3850*3590

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