Series Upstanding Hot Air Hopper Dryer

Plastic Dehumidifier

Products Name: Series Upstanding Hot Air Hopper Dryer

Features Specifications:

Adopt high efficiency pervasion device have equality and disperse the hot air. Keeping plastic dryer equality tem perature. Improve the dryer of efficiency The function is automatically protecting hopper dryer and tubular electric heating element The tubular electric heating element and hopper dryer ismade of stainless steel SUS304 that is not infectant. Excessively curved design of hot blast pipe can avoid the cutting to accumulate at the bottom in order to burn.

Type Lontain capacity Motor power Blower power Voltage Main dimension revolutions Fixing dimension
DYGZ12 12 1.8 50 220 570x330x700 110x110
DYGZ25 25 3 90 380 680x420x960 160x160
DYGZ50 50 3.9 100 380 780x500x1160 160x160
DYGZ75 75 5.1 140 380 850x550x1220 160x160
DYGZ100 100 6 250 380 950x650x1320 180x180
DYGZ150 150 9 300 380 1050x700x1520 200x200
DYGZ200 200 9 350 380 1250x800x1660 230x230
DYGZ300 300 18 750 380 1500x1000x1735 280x280
DYGZ400 400 18 750 380 1560x1060x1940 280x280
DYGZ600 600 24 1100 380 1660x1100x2150 280x280
DYGZ800 800 30 2200 380 1830x1280x2480 350x350
DYGZ1000 1000 40 2200 380 2020x1420x2450 500x500
DYGZ1500 1500 50 3000 380 2040x1420x3180 500x500

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various plastic pipes extrusion lines including large diameter PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, large diameter PE/PVC solid wall pipe extrusion line, PP-R/PEX/PE-RT cool/hot water pipe extrusion line, PA/PE/PVC single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line; various plastic profile extrusion lines; various plastic plate & sheet extrusion lines; chemical fiber spinning; microcomputer controlled automatic blow molding machines; plastic auxiliary recycling lines; various single & twin screw and barrel extruders; T die; screen exchangers; rollers and Robots .etc.




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