Innovative Bottle-To-Bottle Recycling

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Products Name: Innovative Bottle-To-Bottle Recycling

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Innovative Bottle-To-Bottle recycling:
Innovative Bottle-To-Bottle recycling
Total Solution from, bottle flakes to clean chips-USEON always eyes on energy saving during production
How to make the clean flakes back into the virgin chips that could be used for injection of performs and how to save the energy during the whole process are what USEON is trying.
Actually, through our systemization of whole process, we have approached great improvement on the process technology and energy saving.
Firstly, with our efficient quick-during process, clean flakes could be predried up to 2000ppm.
Here no any strict predrying units are required. Then, our best TDY counter-rotating twin screw extruders could finish the plastication, with nearly zero IV drop. This point has great importance to save energy, meaning less SSP residue time for higher IV. Fine filtration could be done with our continuous screen changers. Our underwater cutting units are specially designed for this BTB systems to control the residue temperature inside the granules. What’s most important for the system is that USEON’s inline crystallization and SSP process will increase the IV to the data as virgin chips for bottle performs. This latest technology could save the total energy up to more than 40%.
Standard BTB systems Model Main extruder Capacity kg/hr BTB200 TDY52A 200kg/hr, final IV up to Modular SSP units BTB500 TDY75A 500kg/hr, final IV up to Modular SSP units BTB1000 TDY95A 1000kg/hr, final IV up to Modular SSP units
Main technical advantageous features
Quick predrying unit with simplied flow chart;
Modular twin screw extruders with double high vacuum condition for nearly to zero IV drop;
Continuous melt filtration with hydraulic systems;
Convenient underwater cutting unit with less monitoring;
Inline crystallization to utilize the residue heat inside the graules to avoid heating process for crystallization;
Inline and modular SSP units available for different IV pur[oses;

Innovative Bottle-To-Bottle Recycling

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