Gas Assisted Injection Molding System Series

Gas Assisted Injection Molding Machine

Model No:

GU-25 GU-25C And N2 Generator

Products Name: Gas Assisted Injection Molding System Series

Features Specifications:

Gas Assisted Injection Molding (G.A.I.M) is regarded as the second revolution of injection molding. With this, product weight will be reduced by 50%, the producing cycle time will be cut down by 20%, spare parts of products will be reduced by 70%, the production cost will be cut 30% and the bowling ratio of product will be reduce by 30%.
We use nitrogen to maintain the pressure inside to make sure there will no shrinkage occurring during molding. No more restrictions by traditional average thickness design nor by complicated slide mechanical design applicable to the molds design. With G.A.I.M., we could combine the thick wall and thin wall to form the products; with CAE software for the mold flow analysis to estimate the flow path of the material and nitrogen inside the molds before mold opening. A computer is used to analyze and design the best air channel positions and the gate position to shorten the products development cycle.
The 3 Stages Of Gas Assisted Injection Molding:
To inject the measure material inside the mold.
Inject the nitrogen into the mold to flow through to ensure smoothness and reduction of weight.
To maintain the pressure by the nitrogen, the nitrogen will re-penetrate into the material whilst the material shrinks to prevent bowing.
The independent double loop design, 4 loops are available.
5 stages of air pressure & flow control system.
Close circuit pressure control.
Molding pressure display chart.
50 mold data reading & records function.
The Chinese/ English touch panel comes with energy saving device.
Gas Assisted Injection Molding System:
G.A.I.M. can be connected with to all injection molding machine. The Gas Assisted Injection Molding Series is optional depending on customers requirements. Relevant Instruments are:
Gas Assisted Injection Molding System GU-25 with Gas Booster.
Gas Assisted Injection Molding Controller GU-25C
N2 Generator
Gas Needle
Gas Assisted Injection nozzle
In addition to promoting G.A.I.M., we also offer services such as training, mold flow analysis, product construction design, in-house instructions, and also the plant exportation service.

Gas Assisted Injection Molding GU-25 GU-25C
AC110V AC110V
Bar Air Supply bar


Air flow nl/min 1000 100
N2 intake pressure bar 7-130
1/4"Thread Pt
1/4" Thread
N2 flow (15 bar) nl/min 35 -
N2 flow (50 bar) nl/min 200 -
N2 Maximum Pressure bar 350 350
N2 Minimum Pressure bar 10 10
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 1400 x 850 x 700 1400 x 850 x 700
Weight kg 250 100
N2 Generator
220V 1§
Flow nl/min 88@ 99.5%
165@ 98%

*Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the right to amend the above specifications without prior notice.

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