Blow Molding Machine(MD55 Series)

Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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Products Name: Blow Molding Machine(MD55 Series)

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Features of MingDa Full-Automatic Extrusion Plastic Blow Molding Machine
Extrusion System
Drives by a generator with frequency conversion,our extrusion system can realize the requirements of a transformable rotate speed of the screw for the blow moulding process.
Screw with a big length-diameter ratio, has a good capability for processing all kinds of plastic with high plasticizing efficiency,low power expenditure.
Controled by computer, the raw material accumulator heats by resistance-circle,can be heaten promptly with a stable and well-distributed temperature.
Products with content level line or double-layer,triple-layer can be produced when 2 or 3 machines work together on the team extruding system with different die-head on each machine.
Hydraulic system
Optimized hydraulic oil loop design gains a stable,fast,energy saving property.
Electrical control system
Siemens PLC human-machine interface control system,automatic fault-alarm,credible and highly automatic work,available for 40 moulding process data in the computer.
Safety system
Electrical and mechanical safety structures(Stop working automaticly when safety door open)guarantee operating security.
Blowing device
Straight-insert and skew-insert blowing devices for two kinds of blowing function.
Running Performance
Taiwan ABBA linear guide rail with double station leads flexible and stable movements for the mould.
Operation Style
Capable of manual,half-automatic and full-automatic operating methods.

System Item Unit Basic parameter
Basic Spec Plastic fit for   PE PP PVC PA...
Max hollow product volume L 2
Diehead amount set 1、2、3、4
Size(L×W×H) M 3.05×2.17×2.28
Weight ton 3.4
Clamping System Clamping force KN 30
Template distance mm 120-350
Template stroke   230
Max template size(W×H) mm 340×360
Mould thickness mm 125-200
Extrusion System Screw Dia mm 55
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24
Plasticizing capacity(HDPE) kg/h 35
Screw heating zone zone 3
Screw heating power KW 13.35
Screw fans power KW 0.42
Extrusion motors power KW 11
Die head Diehead heating zone zone 2
Diehead heating power KW 4.2
Sprue-die dia(max) mm 75
Power General power KW 34.5
Oil-pump motor power KW 5.5
Air pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8
Average power KW 23.9
Compressed air dosage m³min 0.4
Cooling water dosage L/min 50

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