PET Strap Band Production Line

Strapping Band Making Machine

Products Name: PET Strap Band Production Line

Features Specifications:

This line has following advantages:
1. Low cost
2. Antirust
3. No need for combination of steel buckle
4. No impress and scrape
5. Tight after packing
Performance: like the steel band, the extending rate can be adjusted according to the customers?requirements, not easy for rupture; don抰 need steel button, tidy appearance, and variety of colors. Accord with the foreign standard of no social effects of pollution in packing materials because it can use recycled materials, for which this kind of strap band belongs to environment-protection products.

Model SJ-65× 25 Embossing roll line speed(m/min) 12-120
Extrusion capacity(kg/h) 30-50 Size calibration tank length(mm) 4000
Die mode Single or double Cooling medium water
Die heating power(kw) 4 Water injection motor power(kw) Water
Cooling mode Immersed 3rd hauling-off motor power(kw) 0.55
First hauling-off power(kw) 2.2 Hauling speed(m/min) 1.1
Hauling-off speed(m/min) 3-30 Coiler motor power(kw) 12-120
bellows motor power(kw) 1.1 Coiler linear(m/min) 1.1
Bellows heating power(kw) 12 Number of bobbin disk(pcs) 12-120
Second hauling-off power(kw) 2.2 Specification(mm) 2
Hauling speed(m/min) 12-120 10-19
Weight(kg) 4500 Occupation area 1.5×1.5

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