Stationery Sheet Extruder

Stationery Sheet Machine

Products Name: Stationery Sheet Extruder

Features Specifications:

A.Extruder used motor to direct connection with retarder to improve transmission rate.
B.Tableting machine using horizontal structure, roller independent direct connections, line speed and traction line speed by synchro control.
C.Roller temperature independantly controlled, there is double convection system for roller cooling which will provide very high heat exchangd rate and to keep the even roller surface temperature.
D.Roller using pressure-type installation so that it can easy to change roller with whole veins.
E.Production lines equipped with a computer drive setlength slitter ,makes cutting online comes ture.
F.Used PLC Control, the actual parameter setting, data and the feedback operation, the police and other functions of automation.

Model/parameters Suitable Materials Screw size Roller size(mm) Sheet thickness Sheet width Max output Total Capacity
WJP90-1300 PP、PE φ90×33 φ316×1300 0.25-1.8 ≤1050 180 175

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