Fully Automatic Rotary System Two-Color Triangle Mould Plastic Footwear Injection Moulding Machine

Shoe Injection Machine

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Products Name: Fully Automatic Rotary System Two-Color Triangle Mould Plastic Footwear Injection Moulding Machine

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This machine is an appropriation in produce various dissimilarity of monochrome height of male, the woman becomes persons rubbers, is the rubbers profession currently most ideal inject to model the machine efficiently.
1.The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, price real benefit.
2.The liquid presses the motor to drive the spiral pole, two types pressure control projects the system.
3.Anticipate the hot adoption of the tube electricity independent four types, insure to melt the quantity of plastics.
4.full-automatic lose to anticipate to control the system, can open, shut to produce the mold station arbitrarily.
5.carry on the back to press to control the way, adjustable whole raw material hair bubble density.
6.match the mold system to establish the strong dint lock mold organization. v7.Two speed drives a dish, steady and fast.
8.the whole machine adoption Taiwan always the great computer control, the industry class man-machine interface, the original package imports the liquid to press the component and seal completely the component.
9.air pressure the assistance takes off the mold, producting to take out easily.
10.the safe protection equip, insuring to operate the safety.
11.Operate the way establishes to move, automatically two kinds of, in addition to openning the mold to take to product to need the artificial to complete, the rest all is served for you by this machine, producing the efficiency high.

MODEL Unit DB-202 DB-242
Screw Diameter mm dia.75x2 dia.75x2
Max.injection Volume cm³ 880 880
Injection Pressure kg/cm² 620 620
Motor of screw driving   Hydraulic driving Hydraulic driving
Screw rotation speed r.p.m 0-140 0-140
Mould station(Max.) pcs 20(10 pairs) 24(12 pairs)
Mould Space LxWxH mm 730x220x210 730x220x210
Number of Temperature Control sets 4 4
Clamping force tons 70 70
Machine Weight tons 16 18
Machine dimension LxWxH m 7.2x4.3x2.7 7.2x5.6x2.7

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Shoe Injection Machine,Plastic Auxiliary Machine




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