Fully Automatic Rotary System Three-Color Plastic Footwear Injection Moulding Machine

Shoe Injection Machine

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Products Name: Fully Automatic Rotary System Three-Color Plastic Footwear Injection Moulding Machine

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1.Adoption full-automatic turn of send to nail,pack to nail the equipments,did not need the personnel to operate,safety fast,can economize the manpower,material resources,exaltation produce efficiency.
2.This machine molding tool system design vivid,can depend on the demand of the production to adopt the square molding tool or a molding tools,the nicety did not round a projection design,having no waste to produce,can economize the raw material productio
3.Provide with the cooling system, make the product is in the complete immersion water, cooling off to model.
4.Adoption efficiently a song of type top and bottom elbow 5:00 design,match the high steel template to combine with elder brothers LIN2 ZHU4s structure, to insure to clip the mold strength powerfully, get the finished product indeed elegant.
5.Adopt the hydraulic-pneumatic back track design of high technique, combine the characteristic of the comparison type? pressure discharge valve, develop the result of the high speed, safety, low noise, educate the very good system? operation effect.
6.The nitrogen turns the spiral pole of steel, anticipating the tube, the liquid presses the motor to drive, having another the segment to inject the pressure, melting the function good. 7.The electric appliances protection install, have no mistake action occurrence, supporting to operate personnels safety.
8.Shoot can go forward or retreat automatically, and have the automatic clearance?raw material material, being convenient for the molding tool, raw material to replace.

MODEL Unit DA-2C24 DA-3C24 DA-3C24A
Screw Diameter mm dia.75x3 dia.75x3 dia.75x3
Max.injection Volume cm³ 880 880 880
Injection Pressure kg/cm² 620 620 620
Motor of screw driving   Hydraulic driving Hydraulic driving Hydraulic driving
Screw rotation speed r.p.m 0-140 0-140 0-140
Mould station(Max.) pcs 24(12 pairs) 24(12 pairs) 24(12 pairs)
Mould Space LxWxH mm 730x220x210 730x220x210 730x220x210
Number of Temperature Control sets 4 4 4
Clamping force tons 70 70 70
Rotary dise mm Dia.5000 Dia.5200 Dia.5000
Machine Weight tons 16 17 16.5
Machine dimension LxWxH m 8.3x8.2x2.3 11.5x8.2x2.3 8.7x7.6x2.3

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Shoe Injection Machine,Plastic Auxiliary Machine




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