Accumulator Closed-Loop Injection Molding Machine

Accumulator Injection Molding Machine

Products Name: Accumulator Closed-Loop Injection Molding Machine

Features Specifications:

Computer: Compatible with B or D type of computer.
Machine Type: Compatible with the standard injection molding machine only.

Accumulator close loop injection molding machine is specially designed for production of thin wall products, which the max injection speed may reach 400 to 1200 mm/sec. It requires high performance control valve and precise control system to reach high speed, accurate, and stable condition, which makes the system selection and control become very important.

Since accumulator close loop injection molding machine requires high speed injection, an accumulator must be installed to boost up the injection speed. How it works is to pump hydraulic oil fill to the accumulator to compress the nitrogen bag. During the injection action, the control valve opens and the compressed nitrogen bag releases to push the hydraulic oil coming out in high pressure and speed. Therefore, the precise and stable controlling is very important to ensure the high pressure and speed quality.

When producing thin wall products, the hydraulic control injection speed is usually better than all-electric drive machine. All-electric drive machine normally injects between 150 to 300 mm/sec. To inject faster, cost is going to be much higher. As for hydraulic type, it can easily reach 500 mm/sec by carefully choosing hydraulic servo valve with precise and stable controlling unit.

We at Launch Machinery Works select the well known Germany hydraulic specialist made: "MOOG" hydraulic servo precision control valve, group with its dedicated controller and close loop control circuit to reach high speed and precision injection and ensure the thin wall product quality. If the material can completely fill to form the product during the injection process, the product will not generate the internal strength and prevent the thin wall product warping.

The mechanical structure design for high speed machine is very important. The machine life will decrease if the toggle arm and mold platen is not strengthen enough. Our machine base uses stronger bar and full rigidity thick platen to create a strong and solid machine base, just like a firm house is based on a solid base.

Accumulator close loop injection molding machine is capable for producing SD card CF card, speaker thin wall pad, high passing board for mobile phone, thin wall aviation cup..., etc.

Accumulator Closed-Loop Injection Molding Machine

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