Horizontal Injection Machine-PET Bottles(PET-Series)

Horizontal Injection Machine

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Products Name: Horizontal Injection Machine-PET Bottles(PET-Series)

Features Specifications:

Comparing with other conventional toggle molding machine, our fully hydraulic four-cylinder structure has the advantages such as much more precise, no mechanical abrasion, longevity of service, fast, high efficiency, energy saving, and no need to adjust the mold and no need oil lubrication. Detail is as following,

1. Our machine has extremely long guide(as 4 times as the conventional toggle machine), uniform distribution of clamping force(precision is up to 0.3%) will keep the machine in a smooth motion, so the bottle preform eccentricity can be improved effectively.

2. Our machine does not need mold adjust and oil lubrication, so the machine is highly clean and tidy as required by the sanitary standard by food and drinking products, it is a completely purified workshop!

3. Uniform clamping force, best repeatability precision and professional PET injection screw will increase the stable quality and ensure the yield.

4. Clamping force and injection pressure can be self adopted each other automatically by a feedback control system, i.e, the clamping force declines with the end of injection. This function will keep the mold away from heavy load for a long time as well as save energy. The maintainance frequency of the mold will reduce more then 50% whereas the longevity will increase over 50%.

5. Sensitive and reliable low-pressure mold protection function(precision 0.1mm) will keep the mold in safe effectively if any accident happens.

6. During the cooling stage, the clamping force will fall to zero as the injection pressure fall to zero before the mold opened, so the opening impact and shake can be avoided; the internal stress can be eliminated effectively and the opening fracture on the bottle-neck will be prevented.

7. PET bottle preform is a semi-finished article. Its molding precedure needs the best repeatable precision in order to keep the preform to be molded under the same condition and ensure the inner parameters to be uniform. The best yield on the said condition will become a stable technical base for fully automatic blowing procedure.
Product parameter list:

Injection unit
Screw model   A
Screw diameter mm 67
Screw L/D ratio   23
Shot volume cm3 763
Shot weight g 915
  oz 32
Injection pressure MPa 118
Injection rate g/s 267
Plasticising capacity g/s 66
Screw speed rpm 170
Clamping unit
Clamping force KN 2200
Distance between tie rods mm 510X460
Clamping stroke mm 800
Max. daylight mm 1000
Close daylight mm 200
Ejecting force KN 45
Ejector stroke mm 200
System pressure MPa 14.5
Oil tank capacity L 350
Oil pump motor KW 22
Heating capacity KW 21.6
Machine weight KG 7000
Machine size m 5.1X1.3X1.9

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Guangdong Only Machinery Co., Ltd.

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