Automatic High Speed Hot Forming Machine

Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Products Name: Automatic High Speed Hot Forming Machine

Features Specifications:

Automatic high-speed hot-forming machines HSPF-888, using the latest plastic sheet forming process, set machine. Electricity. Gas integration design, human-machine interface operation, by the feed. Angioplasty. Edge. Stacker. Crimping expected to achieve a sheet of plastic forming equipment.
For PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PP and other plastic sheet forming, mainly producing all kinds of boxes, plates, bowls, electronic tray, lid and other plastic containers and packaging products. Fruits such as boxes, cake boxes,, medicine trays, electron transfer trays, toys and packaging.

Product features>>>
1, equipment is to roll-shaped heated thermoplastic sheet to the mold through the air (positive pressure), vacuum (negative pressure) and mold cooling after forming, with the exception of punch into the side - the collection of products - crimping disposable material finish The fully automated machinery.
2, the design of mechanical transmission on the use of a gear and cam combination of equipment makes up the structure of simple, easy maintenance, good durability. Are the main part of transmission to drive the servo motor, transmission precision, low noise, vibration small.
3, electrical control, the use of industrial computer control, human-machine interface operation, the control system data bus to connect through advanced technology, control is simple, safe, reliable, and easy maintenance upgrade.
4, a more advanced machine design, mold installation fast and convenient, the use of an automatic locking and automatic positioning of the device, save time and manpower.

Technique Specifications:

Forming the largest area 580mm*780mm
Forming the smallest area 350mm*410mm
Die width 810mm*380mm
Die length 600mm*320mm
Max sheet 830mm
Min Sheet 350mm
Expected size 15mm
Max sheet thickness 1.5mm
Extensive sheet 0.2mm
Feeding accuracy 0.15mm
Feeding up 650mm
Minimum feed 300mm
High on forming 125mm
Forming a high degree of under 125mm
travel mode of Units 170mm
travel mode of Units 190mm
Travel frame 160mm
Furnace on the length 1800mm
Under the furnace length 1800mm
Vacuum volume 200m3/h
Die force 300KN
The maximum air pressure forming 6bar
litres gas volume 300litres
System pressure 6bar
Forming the fastest rat 30Times/min
Distance from the sheet 1600mm
Machine length 11000mm
Machine width 4500mm
Overall height 3400mm
The total weight 15500kg
Furnace the total power 42kw
Furnace under the total power 42kw
Vacuum Pump 5kw
Drive motor 52.8kw
Pull-chip motor 13.2kw
The maximum air pressure forming 160kw

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