Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

Plastic Crusher/Granulator

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Products Name: Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

Features Specifications:

Model Number SB102
Use Bottle Crusher
Shaft Design Single
Power 1.5 kw
Capacity 200 kg/h

Plastic bottle crusher machine
1.Shred bottles into small size(20*76 mm)
2.Automatically stop
3.CE certified

SB102 plastic bottle crusher machine
This is a newly developed patent pending bottle crusher machine, specially designed for small batches recycling of the HDPE plastic bottles from auto car maintenance shops and PET bottles for bear and soft drinks. The grinder (granulator) can grind engine oil bottles, lubricant oil bottles, water bottles, and other liquid containers made of plastics. It reduces the size of bottle scraps and retreat residual oil/water. People can benefit from this machine by reduce the size of the scrap oil bottles and retreat residual oil in engine oil bottles. All electric components of this machine are CE or/and UL approved.
Bottle ShredderBasket Handle

Plastic bottle crusher machine features
1.Shred bottles into small size(20*76 mm)
2.Low power consumption
3.Low noise and low dust
4.Low operation and maintenance cost
5.Automatically stop by using a timer in the control box
6.Basket for holding the plastic flakes and the steel drum for holding the oil
7.Pan with dripper for holding spilled off oil
8.CE certified

Plastic bottle crusher machine technical parameters:
voltage single phase 220V/50HZ
Motor 1.5 kw
Feeding Size 180*365 mm
Block Measurement 230*175 mm
Output 200 kg/h
Machine Size 700*740*1900 mm
Machine Weight 280 kg

Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

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