Vertical Injection Molding Machine(High Speed Machine)

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Products Name: Vertical Injection Molding Machine(High Speed Machine)

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Injection speed 800mm/s precision vertical injection molding machine
Plastic products in the machinery, electronics, telecommunications, audio-visual products in the field of high precision more and more widely used plastics for the production equipment made ever-increasing demands, meanwhile, high-speed, energy-saving has become the direction of development of precision injection molding. In order to meet the needs of industry, Hangzhou Atech Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully develop the AT series of high-speed precision injection molding machine. Following is the brief introduction.
The model of hydraulic system is main characterized by high response of the electro-hydraulic servo proportion valve and accumulator of nitrogen used as a standard configuration, which greatly improved the injection molding speed and motion control accuracy and repeatability to meet the high-speed high-precision Injection molding machine performance requirements. (1)System use MOOG system high response servo valve to control injection speed , restain pressure, plasticizing pressure back and to achieve injecting and plasticizing the full closed-loop control.(2) To adopt Taiwans Mirle computer, CPU speed of 32MHz, fast response, dynamic display injection, to achieve complete real-time monitoring, 10.4 "display screen, friendly man-machine interface, easy to use.(3) injection speed: 800mm / s, injection pressure ≥ 250Mpa Suitable for the production of ultra-thin products, V-P exact location of the conversion, the weight of products to repeat accuracy of <0.14%, the injection location of the termination of repeat accuracy of up to 0.05mm, to achieve precise injection control. (4) use of nitrogen-energy storage devices, without increasing displacement pumps and electric power, greatly enhanced the machine speed, and eject speed of up to 800mm / s or more, the pressure on the energy storage device detection devices at any time can control oil unloading and loading, energy-saving and efficient.

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Vertical injection molding machine, bakelite injection molding machine, two-color injection molding machine, LED stent injection molding machine




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