PE/PP Water/Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Large Diameter Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: PE/PP Water/Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

This line adopts high efficiency extruderfor HDPE pipe, screw with barrier and mixing die structure, new type open barrel, which can insure good plasticed effects. The extrusion output of this line is large and stable. The blue die mould, designed for large caliber and thick wall pipe have the features such as low melting temperature, good mixing performance, low pressure of mould cavity, stable production, etc.

Specially designed diameter fixing and cooling system adopt water film lubricating and hydraulic cooling mode to fit material, which can ensure the stable diameter and round degree as producing thick wall pipe in high speed.

Specially designed vacuum diameter fixing case with vacuum multi-controlled can ensure the stability and round degree of HDPE pipe size. The txtruder and tractor adopt imported famous brands actiyators which can ensure good stability, high precision and reliability.

The operation of the whole production line is controlled by PLC with good man-machine screen. All the technical parameters can be set and displayed by touching screen. This line, equipped with another extruder for special marking use, can produce pipes with colourful mark apt to national standards.

Main Technical parameters
Type Pipe spec.(mm) Co-extruder Max extrusion output(kg/h) Total power(kw)
PEG-160 50-160 SJ60/33 SJ25/25 120-220 130
PEG-250 110-250 SJ75/33 SJ25/25 280-350 280
PEG-450 160-450 SJ90/33 SJ25/25 350-450 400
PEG-630 315-630 SJ120/33 SJ30/30 550-980 550
PEG-800 400-800 SJ150/33 SJ30/30 800-1400 750

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