Large Caliber Hollow Intertwine Pipe Production Line

Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: Large Caliber Hollow Intertwine Pipe Production Line

Features Specifications:

We use HDPE as main material, passing first extrusion rectangular pipe to enter into winding form machine, simultaneously the second extruder sprays rubber strip, by extruding and compounding, the pipe is formed. The inner and outer surface if pipe is smouth. Specifications are f400-f2200mm. According to different usage condition, the round hardness can be divided into four grades, the max one if 16KN/m2, which can suit acid and alkali liquid under 10%. This kind of pipe has many extremely excellent characterisrics, such as, corrosion resistant, light, easy to be fixed, long usage time (50 years) etc. The pipe can be instead of other ones made of high energy consumption materials such as cement, cashing iron, ceramic, etc. They can be widely applied in drainage pipelines of high way, housing, playground, square, mine, agriculture, culvert, bridge, etc.

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Zhangjiagang Kiwex Machinery Co., Ltd.

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