Aluminum Bottle Cap Pad Molding Machine

Bottle CAP Injection Machine

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Products Name: Aluminum Bottle Cap Pad Molding Machine

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This machine is mainly used to make pads for safe-guard aluminum caps and plastic bottle caps. It first fluidizes the dry domestic and imported EVA granular plastic with high temperature and then mold presses the fluid on the inner cap.
If without pads, water and gas leakage would occur as in the past. Moreover, the employment of manual pad placing is unsanitary in the first place. Second, it’s easy to place two pieces on one cap or miss to place. Third, the work efficiency is low. While this machine solves all the above problems. It’s compact, efficient and easy to operate. The pad produced with it is smooth and beautiful. The bottle cap with it opens easily and seals tightly. Furthermore, it conforms to the national food hygiene standard and possesses similar performance with imported caps and molding machines.
Main technical parameters:
Model: SD-280b
Cap feeding arrange: Automatic cap feeding
Hourly output: 300-350(pc/hr)
Thermal control: Automatic temperature control
Pad weight: 0.35-0.40(g/pc)
Overall power consumption: 15KW
Main engine power: 3KW
Power supply: ≈380W 50HZ
Donkey engine power: 3KW
Weight: 2.2T
Control mode: Electrical relay,Coordinated control
Volume (L*W*H): 4200×1800×1550mm
Speed control mode: Speed control of variable frequency engine

Type Mold number Capacity(pcs/hr) Cap diameter(O/D) Cap height Pad weight
280A 20 cavity 10000-12000 22-30mm 10-22mm 0.3-0.4g
280A 36 cavity 15000-20000 22-30mm 10-22mm 0.3-0.4g

Raw material Actual consumption Air compressor(Provide by userself) Voltage Weight Dimension/L*W*H
LDPE/PTE/EVA 7-9kw 0.8mpa;0.8m³ 220v60hz/380v 50hz 1600kw 3150*1100*1500mm
LDPE/PTE/EVA 8-10kw 0.8mpa;0.8m³ 220v60hz/380v 50hz 2000kg 4100*1400*1500mm

Aluminum Bottle Cap Pad Molding Machine

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Plastic bottle cap molding machine




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