Automatic Electronic High-Speed Bag Folding Machine

Gusset Bag Making Machine

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Products Name: Automatic Electronic High-Speed Bag Folding Machine

Features Specifications:

Main Features:

● Each sheet folds automatically, saving time and labor.
● Number of sheets to be processed can be preset with the Auto Digital Counter.
● Depending on the required bag length and width, the bag can be folded in three or four folds to speed up packing.
● Easy to adjust using pneumatic controls with electromagnet.


Model BJAFO 3248 BJAFO 4060
Folding "W" 30" 38"
Folding "L" 40" 40"
Thickness(mm) 0.01-0.05 0.01-0.05
Length Tolerance


Production Per Min(pc) 60 50
Main Body Driving Motor(AC) 2HP 3HP
Sub Body Driving Motor(AC) 2HP 2HP
Power Required 9.0kw 10.7kw
Air Sourcel 4kg-6kg 4kg-6kg
Dimension LxWxH(cm) 496x170x161 496x190x185
Machine Weight(kg) Main:720 Sub:850 Main:850 Sub:950
Packing Measurement
Main:230x161x173 Sub:261x180x165 Main:203x181x173 Sub:261x200x165
Gross Weight(kg) Main:950 Sub:1100 Main:1050 Sub:1250

* Correct specifications depend on the actual model. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Automatic Electronic High-Speed Bag Folding Machine

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Parkins Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Plastics Bag Making Machine ,T-shirt bag making machine, Bag Sealing & Cutting Machine, Bottom Sealing & Cutting Machine




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