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With a view to meet the ever increasing market demands, present day plastic processors have resorted to the use of plastic raw materials which included all kinds of sophisticated ingredient such as glass fibre additive, carbon fibre, mineral stone powder additive, heat-resisting chemical additive, etc., thereby causing serious abrasion and to the barrel and screw as well as reducing their life span. To meet this challenge, our Co. had developed a kind of bimetallic barrel and screw which have shown a remarkable anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion resistance in its practical application. Through our research and development efforts have also been taken to cope with the need to strengthen the effectiveness our bimetal product when engineering plastic raw materials are used in the plasticating process. The chemical composition of 25% of tungsten (Wc) in the bimetal layer of the barrel has proved to possess a far better anti-abrasion and anticorrosion strength, surpassing the quality of those manufactured in the U.S.A. , Japan and European countries. In order to achieve a life span for the screw, our Co. has, besides the PTA treatment on the screw flights, also developed the technique of hardness coating of the entire screw surface, so as to bring more benefits to the processors.

● Material : Full Harden Screw, HP/HVOF Spray Coating Screw, PTA Coating Screw, Nitriding Screw.
● Application : Injection Molding Machine (Vertical, Horizontal), Extrusion Machine, Bakelite Machine, Rubber Machine.
● Processing Dimension : External Diametre- From smallest ?12mm to largest ?250mm. Length -8000mm.

Screw Manufacturing Equipments

● CNT Screw Cutting Machine
● Screw Root Grinding
● Machines
● Screw External Machines
● High Speed Lathes
● PTA Welding Equipment
● Screw Milling Machines
● Screw Polishing Machines
● CNC Milling Machine
● Milling Machines
● High Speed Coating Machine

Screw Assembly Parts
Distributor,Collar,Screw Tip & Washer.

Assembly Parts Manufacturing Equipments
● Electric Discharge Machine.
● Small Size CNC Lathe.
● Drilling Machine.
● High Speed Lathes
● Grinding Machine
● High Speed small size Lathe.
● Surface Grinding Machine.
● Honing Machine.
● Sand Slinger.
● Two Axle NC Milling Machine.


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Tan Star Material Co., Ltd

Main Product:

Screw and Barrel ,Bimetal Barrel,Ordinary Nitrided Barrel, Cylinder(Barrel),Full Harden Screw, HP/HVOF Spray Coating Screw,PTA Coating Screw, Nitriding Screw, Barrel Assembly Parts: Cylinder Head ,End Cap, Flange, Adaptor, Nozzle, Cooling Ring, External & Internal spring controlled nozzle for nylon.
Application : Injection Molding Machine (Vertical, Horizontal), Plastic Extrusion Machine, Bakelite Machine, Rubber Machine




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