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FB-C Series - Sandwich / Interval Injection Molding Machine : FB-260C, 320C

Products Name: Sandwich ,Interval Injection Molding Machine

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Sandwich injection molding is one of the newly developed injection molding methods. To accomplish such a molding method, an additional barrel is added to a traditional plastic injection molding machine to form an independent double barrel with specially designed nozzle.

During the injection process, this double barrel can concurrently inject two types of molten plastic, via the same nozzle, into the mold to achieve double material simultaneous injection. The outer layer of the mixed molten plastic is called the skin material, while the inner layer is called the core material.

Sandwich molding has the following advantages over traditional injection molding:

● For products with different outer and inner-layer material, traditional two-step insert molding becomes one-step.
● The different color combinations give old products (molds) new life.
● Low viscous materials can be used as core materials to reduce injection pressure.
● Recycled and low-quality materials can be used as core materials to increase product utility.
● High-quality materials with anti-magnetic interference properties and high surface quality can be used as skin materials to increase product utility.
● Appropriate core and skin material combinations can reduce the residual stress and increase product hardness.
● Sandwich injection molding machine are able to produced single color which provides a multifunction and flexible molding method. This increases the processors capability to produce high-quality and low-cost products.

Under the pressures of a highly competitive market, how to produce high value-added products while keeping the costs down has become a critical issue for plastic processors. After years of hard work and research, FCS has successfully pioneered the making of the sandwich injection molding machine to assist processors in upgrading and switching their machinery.

Our sandwich injection molding machine packs several powerful features:

● There are two sets of proportional control valves which can simultaneously control the pressure and speed of both sets.
● With an accuracy reaching 0.01mm, linear potentiometers are used in the two injection sets and clamping molds to accurately control the injection process and the opening and closing of mold.
● With features such as limitations for screw cold starts, broken wire detection, etc., a PID temperature controller is used to control the temperature at ±1°C.
● The microprocessor control system not only has memory functions, it can also perform 4-stage injection, 3-stage hold pressure, and 3-stage back pressure.

The following specifications are for your reference only and can not be used as the machine acceptance criteria. Please contact with our sales representatives to confirm the most appropriate machine features.

Item Unit FB-260C FB-320C
Skin Material (A) and Core Material (B) A B A B
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 42 42 50 50
Injection Pressure kg/cm² 1467 1467 2048 2048
Theoretical Shot Volume cm³ 221 221 534 534
Shot Weight of Injection (ps) grams 205 205 491 491
Injection Rate cm³/sec 107 107 205 205
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force metric tons 260 320
Clamping Strokes mm 520 600
Suggested Min Mold Dim (HxV) mm 370 x 310 420 x 360
Mold Thickness mm 200 - 750 200 - 780
Distance Between Tie Bars (HxV) mm 570 x 480 650 x 550
Mold Platen (HxV) mm 870 x 780 980 x 890
Ejector Stroke mm 160 190
Electrical Equipment
Pump Driving Motor HP (kw) 40 (29.84) 80 (59.70)
Temperature Controller (range) set (0-400°C)x8 (0-400°C)x10
Heater Capacity kw 16 20
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 6550 x 1500 x 2100 7300 x 1600 x 2200
Oil Tank Capacity liter 600 900
Machine Weight meteric tons 12 14
Pump Pressure kg/cm² 140 140

*The shot weight is based on polystyrene at specific gravity of 1.05.
*Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the right to amend the above specifications without prior notice.

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