Pursue Extreme Precision For Prompt Response

Multi-color Injection Machine

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Products Name: Pursue Extreme Precision For Prompt Response

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Now in China,Borch is the leading supplier of Compactable European multi-color machines. We have total models with "L" type,“V” type,”P“ type, 3 color macine and 4 color machine, all of them could be adapted to the needs of our clients.
Borch established the multi-color machine department in 2003, with a wide range of products .
The design of multi-color machine is modeled on the European multi-color machines .Now in Asia and China, Borch is the leading supplier of compactable European multi-color machines, Whose rotary platen ,indexing unit ,sandwich unit and turn-key services has developed a school of Borch’own.
Until 2007 ,Borch multi-color machine has total models with “L”type, “V”type, “P”type ,3 color machine &4 color machine.
The design of control software is based on the concept of “ONE SYSTEM FOR ALL MACHINE”, The structure is in the form of modular ,which can be expanded to fulfill the needs of different Multi-material injection process.
Other multi-material injection tools, are as RP rotary platen,TP indexing unit and SW sandwich injection unit .All of them could be adapted to the needs of our clients, we are the only supplier with practical experience, whose machines are able to match different moulds.

BM Tandem Molding
Tandem Molding Technology principle:A tremendous productivity improvement can be realized by utilizing cooling time (iding time)during the injection molding cycle time.
MAR 2009 Frist China Made Electro Tandem Mold System.

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Horizontal Injection Molding Machine,Two-color Injection Molding Machine,Multi-color Injection Molding Machine




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