Full Automatic Shear Positive Pressure And Negative Pressure Molding Machine

Plastic Thermoforming Machine

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Products Name: Full Automatic Shear Positive Pressure And Negative Pressure Molding Machine

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A, use:
This machine is mainly used for all kinds of plastic drum type open sheet vacuum forming of various thin-wall vessel, which provides food, native products, tourism products, textiles, handicrafts, cosmetics, health products, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, children′s toys, electrical and electronic components,daily hardware products such as the production of various types of packagingproducts.
Two, suitable for sheet:
1 starch degradation sheet.
2 photo degradation sheet.
3 environmental protection material: APET, PETG.
4 kinds of color sheet: PVC, HIPS, PET, PS, PP, EPS etc..
5 flocking sheet.
Three, function characteristics:
1 mechanical, pneumatic, electrical integration. The action program by PLC control.Touch screen operation, simple and convenient.
2 production technology, can be set to automatically shut down or advance warning,has the file memory function, can store up to 230 data and parameters.
3 frequency conversion feeding, length of stepless adjustment, high accuracy and stability. (the highest speed 1000mm/s)
4 computer heating control system, has the advantages of uniform temperature,volatility is small, low energy consumption, long service life etc.. In addition to analog thermostat arrangement diagram, simulation of corresponding position products inelectric furnace in the mould are arranged according to zoning adjustment. Inautomatic detection system of electric brick and solid state voltage regulator.
The bias structure has 5 electric furnace, when the sheet width is less than 580mm,turn off the heating furnace side the whole row of heating brick, can reduce energy consumption 16%.
6 three section of the heating furnace.
7, die forming method.
8 positive, negative pressure molding.
Completion of the 9 forming, cutting the same post.
10 product automatic counting and stacking output.
11 bits and pieces of automatic rolling.
12 feeding track width can be synchronous or separate electric adjustment.
Automatic removing device 13 electric heating furnace, in the production ofintermediate without breaking sheet can stop at any time and start, don′t waste sheet.
Volume 14 mechanical device, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
Technical parameters
Model ZQC46-71/42-CWP adapt to the width of the sheet (mm) 460-710 to the thickness of sheet (mm) 0.2-1.5 maximum sheet roll diameter (mm) 600 (mm) 150 diedie stroke (mm) 93 forming the largest area (mm2) of 680 x 400 forming the largestheight (mm) 50 largest convex molding height (mm) of 2500 work. Efficiency (times / min) 4-10 product type cooling water cooling source (external) gas amount of more than 3 pressure vacuum pump 0.8 (external) Busch R5 0100 to use the power ofthree-phase four wire 380V50Hz heating power of 36 max power (kw) 42 maximum size (L * W * H) (mm) 6225 * 1650 * 2450 the weight (kg) 5000

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