Variable Displacement Pump Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Variable Displacement Pump Injection Molding Machine

Features Specifications:

Computer: Compatible with B or D type of computer.

Machine Type: Compatible with the followings:
1. Standard injection molding machine
2. Silicon injection molding machine
3. P.E.T injection molding machine
4. Bakelite and melamine injection molding machine
5. Multi color mixed injection molding machine
6. Acrylic injection molding machine
7. Hard PVC injection molding machine
8. Two set double cylinder system for Injection machine
9. Gas assist equipment

More compatible types available, please contact us for detail.

Except all-electric machine, servo hybrid machine, and inverter control machine, the variable displacement pump system is one of them, too, and its energy saving rate is between 30-40%.

The variable displacement pump uses permanent speed motor drive system to adjust pump oil output to control energy saving efficiency. During high speed, the flow signal controls the pump slanting plate angle, which controls the hydraulic oil output not exceeding the setting rate. During low speed, the pump sloping plate angle changes to lower the hydraulic oil output. Therefore, the pump controls proper hydraulic oil output based on the speed requirement, which saves energy by reducing the floating rate on the ratio valve during high pressure, low pressure, low speed, and cold condition. The pump also reduces oil temperature that saves 40-60% of cooling water usage and extends the oil seal lift and oil pressure stability.

The variable displacement pump system has two types: the all-close loop type control and normal type control. The all-close loop type control uses pressure sensor and pump sloping plate sensor's feedback signal to accurately controls the flow output, therefore, it is more stable than the normal type control.

When high speed control is needed, one can also install an external fixed pump to boost the speed and save energy.

The variable displacement pump system uses the piston pump and requires higher hydraulic oil quality. It is recommended to install an extra oil filter equipment with hydraulic oil grade in ISO viscosity 46.

The following diagrams represent the energy consumption rate between fixed pump and variable displacement pump:

Variable Displacement Pump Injection Molding Machine

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