SH Series Color Mixer

Plastic Mixer

Products Name: SH Series Color Mixer

Features Specifications:

SH series vertical color mixer suitable for powder and granule mixing, the ideal structure and appearance, easy and simple for operation, quick mixing with fine mixing result and also easy for clean and maintenance. It is mainly used for plastic mixing and stirring and as well as widely used in the departments of powder metallurgy, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff, ceramic ware.
1.The internal surface of the equipment made of stainless steel to avoid pollute the raw material.
2.Interlock protection device to ensure the safety for the operator and machine.
3.Equipped with six blades in order to mix evenly in short time,low energy consumption, high efficiency.
4.Automatic stop device. The setting range for automatic stop is 3-20 minutes.
5.The discharging outlet fitted with closing board,convenient for discharging by hand.
6.Attractive appearance,easy-dismount design,convenient for maintenance

Model SH140 SH280
 Mixing volume(kg) 50 100
Charging bashet volume(L) 140 280
Roatating speed of main bearung(r/min) 33
Timer(min) 3-20
Motor power(kw) 1.1 2.2
Power source AC380V 3φ
Weight(kg) 250 350
Appearance size(mm) 850x650x1200 1050x820x1350

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Zhangjiagang Huaming Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Plastic Pipe Extrusion, Plastic Sheet Extrusion, Plastic Profile Extrusion, Granulator, Extruder, Material Mixer & Loader, Winder & Cutter




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