Two Colors, Multi-Color Injection Molding Machine

Multi-color Injection Machine

Products Name: Two Colors, Multi-Color Injection Molding Machine

Features Specifications:

A. Toggle with built-in bearings, using high precision and wear-resistance alloy steel and copper materials, together with computer control system and full lubrication, can extend the machine′s service life.
By using the construction of flat press platens, molded products′ wall thickness unevenness can be minimized.

B. Injection Unit
Ensuring the injection stability and durability by applying high performance steel linear guideways to achieve low-resistant.
Ensuring the injection accuracy by high speed response time at 0.1sec and 0.1% repetitive.
The interchangeable injection mechanism can make the injection work n the front or rear with combination freely. Wealth of experience, according to customer′s capacity requirements to be adjusted.
High-quality screws and barrels. Extensive experience offer professional design of thermo processing by customer′s requirements with high wear-resistant and high torque, reduce the melting time in High-speed operation of storage mode.
The turret injection single-cylinder, as loading injection piston rod does not rotate. Injection efficiency, high stability.

C. Clamping Unit
The internal distance of tie bar is designed with wide from, and it can provide great mode-loading width.
The increasing intensity of die platen protects over transformation and ensures the injection quality of products.
Extra length of tie bar diameter and elastic design effectively prevent fracture.
Design of both rotary table and rotary center could apply in two ways.
The mechanical rotary table orientation can ensures the alignment precision.
Pushing mechanism by high speed rotary table improves both efficiency and stability.
Long-term lubrication toggle clamping mechanism to save lubricant 30% off.

D. Hydraulic unit
Centralized design in hydraulic system shorter the response time and easy to repair.
Ensuring precise alignment of the mold by rigid frame stranding machine.
Saving 30%-70% power compared with traditional pump by high efficiency design.
Easy and convenient to repair and maintain.
Hydraulic parallel cylinder plunger automatically controls the motion thrust.

Two Colors, Multi-Color Injection Molding Machine

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