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HDPE Silicone Core Tube Extrusion Line

Products Name: HDPE Silicone Core Tube Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

HDPE silicone core pipe, silicone pipe for short, is one kind of new composite pipe with silica gel solid lubricant inside the pipe, the main material of which is HDPE. The pipe is widely used for communication cable system.

Equipment features:
• The screw of the HDPE extruder adopts Taiwan technology processing, provides perfect plasticization and high extrusion efficiency;
• High pressure positive displacement co-extrusion mould makes the headpiece capable of higher melt pressure, improve the pipe quality and stabilize the extruding process;
• Cooling vacuum trough is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the supporting frame equipped with spiral lifter can realize 3-dimensional adjustment, enables the operation to be more convenient .High quality liquid circulating vacuum pump provides steady vacuum negative pressure, the stainless steel water tank and centrifugal pump combined with external cooling water supply form a water circulation;
• BETA LaserMike measuring system, forming closed-loop feedback control, eliminating diameter deviation on-line;
• Puller equipped with multilayer wear-resisting synchronous belt, without sliding phenomenon. High level precision roller drive traction, YASKAWA Servo driving system or ABB AC driving system, realize extremely stable pulling;
• Special designed Winding machine with tension induction regulator, apply to soft pipes, keep winding under natural relaxation state, when tension condition change, the fluctuation within manageable scope, avoid tube over drew by too fast winding speed and too slow speed of winding.

Main Technical parameter:

Model Pipe diameter range (mm) Screw diameter (mm) L/D Main power (kW) Production speed (m/min)
SXG-45x25 4.0~10.0 45+25 28-30 11 5-30
SXG-50x30 6.0~18.0 50+30 28-30 18.5 8-45
SXG-65x30 8.0~25.0 65+30 28-30 30 8-80
SXG-90x45 12.0~40.0 90+45 28-30 45 8-120

HDPE Silicone Core Tube Extrusion Line
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