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If you are looking for equipment involved in the manufacturing of oil seals such as spring coiling machines, trimming machines, metal case trimming machines and more, G-WAY offers a wide range of machines designed to meet your production needs. G-WAY is an industry leader in innovative whole plant oil seal production technologies and our comprehensive technical support system provides you with a highly cost effective oil seal production process. No matter which machine you choose, every G-WAY model is engineered for quality and precision. Our high performance machines will not only reduce costs by minimizing cycle times but also meet your demand for high productivity and straight-through manufacturing. At G-WAY, we design and integrate advanced mechanical and electrical drive systems for factory automation to suit your process modernization requirements. " Customer care and quality first " G-WAY was established by a group of engineers familiar with all aspects of automation equipment design. This allows us to provide customized systems that meet the actual requirements of our customers by using CAD technology for shaping process analysis and prototyping. Each G-WAY machine is therefore an example of our outstanding total engineering capability. Through standardized manufacturing, repeated performance testing before shipping and zero defect quality control, what we deliver is outstanding mechanical performance " Constant Innovation " When G-WAY first began manufacturing oil seal trimming and spring loading machines, it was our philosophy to provide reliability, performance and automation for the oil seal industry. This philosophy remains unchanged to this day. This is why our products have won the trust of our customers and are now sold in Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, the US, the Middle-East, China and Taiwan. " Customer service " When you choose G-WAY, what you receive is not just machines of high quality and reliability – we deliver a total technical solution that includes pre-sale consultation, specification discussion & design, operator training on delivery and after-sales maintenance provided by experienced G-WAY technicians. Your G-WAY machine will maximize your cost savings and competitive advantage.
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spring coiling machines, trimming machines, metal case trimming machines and more


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