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Zhangjiagang City GRACE Machinery Co.,Ltd

Zhangjiagang City GRACE Machinery Co.,Ltd
Zhangjiagang City GRACE Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • PE Pipe Extrusion Lines

    PE Pipe Extrusion Lines

  • PVC Pipe Production Line

    PVC Pipe Production...

  • PO Pipe Extrusion Line

    PO Pipe Extrusion Line

  • PVC And WPC Profile Extrusion Line

    PVC And WPC Profile...

  • Plastic Glaze Roof Tile Production Line

    Plastic Glaze Roof Tile...

  • PVC Roof-Tile Extrusion Line

    PVC Roof-Tile Extrusion...

  • PET Washing And Recycling Line

    PET Washing And Recycling...

  • R-PET Sheet Extrusion Line

    R-PET Sheet Extrusion...

  • R-PET Strap Production Line

    R-PET Strap Production...

  • PE/PP Film/Bags/Flakes Washing Line

    PE/PP Film/Bags/Flakes...

  • PE Water-Ring Granulating Line

    PE Water-Ring Granulating...

  • PE/PP Film Agglomeration&Pelletizing Line

    PE/PP Film Agglomeration&Pelletizing...

  • PE/PP Flakes Double-Stage Pelletizing Line

    PE/PP Flakes Double-Stage...

  • PVC Automatic Mixing System

    PVC Automatic Mixing...

  • SRL-Z Series Heat/Cool Mixing Unit

    SRL-Z Series Heat/Cool...

 About Us
Welcome to Grace.
Grace Machinery is a leading supplier of quality extrusion products and complete recycling systems.
The hallmark of Graces extrusion and recycling equipment is their high quality, excellent delivery schedules, fast service and very competitive prices. Many leading companies in the world partner with Grace Machinery. Grace is a supplier to many well known global extrusion equipment companies such as Maintool Germany and top PET recycling manufacturer in the world such as CEVREPET. Partnering with leading extrusion companies such as PolyPlastic, Russias largest plastics manufacturer, helps drive Graces technological advancement.
Graces manufacturing compound consists of a new 120,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to extrusion and recycling. We are proud to provide our products and service to more than 70 countries in the world.
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Zhangjiagang City GRACE Machinery Co.,Ltd


Pipe Extrusion Line,Profile Extrusion Line,WPC Extrusion Line,Sheet Production Line,Roof-tile Extrusion Line,Mixing System,Granulation Line,Plastic Recycling System


North Xuwan Road, Garden Industrial Zone, Tangqiao Town, Zhangjiagang city,Jiangsu Province,China


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