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Grema machinery Co., Ltd.

Grema machinery Co., Ltd.
Grema machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Powder And Granule Storing/Conveying/Metering Mixing System

    Powder And Granule Storing/Conveying/Metering...

  • Hi-Speed Mixer With Vertical Cooling Blender

    Hi-Speed Mixer With...

  • Complete Set Of Hi-Speed Mixer With Vertical Cooling Blender

    Complete Set Of Hi-Speed...

  • Mixing Machine(Blending Tank)

    Mixing Machine(Blending...

  • GPD Granulator

    GPD Granulator

  • GPD-B Series Granulator

    GPD-B Series Granulator

  • GPD Specifications

    GPD Specifications

  • Flat Blade Cutter

    Flat Blade Cutter

  • Pulverizing Machine

    Pulverizing Machine

  • Pulverizing Conveying Line

    Pulverizing Conveying...

  • Negative Pressure Powder And Granule Conveying Filtrating Tank

    Negative Pressure Powder...

  • Powder & Granule Storing/Conveying/Metering Mixing System

    Powder & Granule Storing/Conveying/Metering...

  • Negative Pressure Powder & Granule Conveying Filtrating Tank

    Negative Pressure Powder...

  • High Pressure Powder Collector

    High Pressure Powder...

  • Underwater Pelletizer System

    Underwater Pelletizer...

 About Us
Grema machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 with factory located at center area of Taiwan. We specialize in design and manufacturing of various plasticizing machines: powder and granule conveying, metering, weighing system, vertical cooling mixer, horizontal mixer, pulverizing machine, granulator, granule conveying ,filtrating tank ;furthermore, we offer all kinds of equipments of powder and granule engineering development, and the design & manufacture. Plus, we also provide to all aspects of industry the most economical and effective plan of engineering chemical materials, food materials, wood chips and plastic materials, etc. To meet current concept of environmental protection, Grema machines are ideal for plastic recycling and reusing, that reduces environmental pollution. Grema machines have been patented in several countries, such as Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China. Grema pulverizing production line is exclusively designed, and the productivity is the greatest in the world. Our company can also design making according to customer′s demand. Based on our extensive experience, innovative technology and outstanding knowledge in materials, throughout the years, we have helped many world-class customers create more profits, and produced valuable and dependable products.
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Company Name:

Grema machinery Co., Ltd.

Business Type:

OEM Manufacturer


Powder and granule conveying,Metering,Weighing system,Vertical cooling mixer,Horizontal Mixer,Pulverizing machine,Granulator,Granule conveying,Filtrating tank

Main Markets:

North America,South America/Caribbean,West Europe,East Europe/Russia,East Asia,Southeast Asia,Mid-East/Africa,Australia/New Zealand,China/Hong Kong


No.29, Lane316, Longgang Rd, Longjing. Township, Taichung county, Taiwan