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Mid-Size Flat Screen Printer

Products Name: Mid-Size Flat Screen Printer

Features Specifications:

One sliding rods and one sliding rail design enables more stable printing. Printing head fixed good for high precision printing & color registration

Specification TP-400FS TP-400FVS TP-600FVS
Max.Printing Area 300x400mm 300x400mm 400x500mm
Max. frame size 450x700mm 450x700mm 560x900mm
Speed/ Hour 800~1200PCS 800~1200PCS 400~1200PCS
Substrate height 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm
Machine dimension 800x900x1700mm 800x900x1700mm 800x1100x1900mm
Weight 160kgs 165kgs 195kgs

 About Us
Hanky is the leading manufacturer for different printing equipments in various industries.
We are established in 1979, located in Wu Ku Industrial Area, Taipei, Taiwan with more than 250 employees involved to produce the best printing equipments.
Our printing machines are suitable for various industries such as:
CD/ DVD/ HD Screen, Offset and UV Digital Inkjet Printer
Flatbed UV Digital Inkjet Printer for graphics, poster and industrial means
Opto-Electronics such as mylar overlay, LCD, ITO boards/ film, LPG
Screen and Digital Printers for glass
Pad and Screen Printers for mobiles lens and keypads.
Screen printer for solar cell
Hanky Group is committed to research and development and obtains cutting-edge expertise in the printing industry. We have successfully promoted our CD/ DVD decoration printers since 1996 and have officially sold over thousands of printers globally, where sales continue to surge. With our competent know-how printing technology, our recent product “Flat-Bed UV Digital Inkjet Printer” (*Available for different printing sizes) for decoration on any kind of substrates has once again gained attention. Hanky’s guaranteed commitment to customers globally is known amongst industries.
We have established three plants worldwide which includes Wuxi (China) and Guangzhou (China), with our headquarter located in Taiwan. We have a strong network of seven sales and service branch offices worldwide and many representatives for global support.
We will continue to serve and provide the state of art printing equipments in fulfilling our customers’ need along with excellent sales and service support in ensuring a long term customer relationship.
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