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Hydraulic Piston Screen Changers

Products Name: Hydraulic Piston Screen Changers

Features Specifications:

Bolt Scfreen Changer

Screen Size (mm) Screen Diameter
30 30mm (1 ")
45 45mm (1 3/4")
65 65mm (2 1/2" )
90 90mm (3 1/2" )
120 120mm (4 3/4 ")
150 150mm (5 7/8 ")
200 200mm (8 7/8 ")
250 250mm (9 7/8 ")
275 275mm (10 7/8")

Harden Industries supplies screen changers for plastic extrusion lines. Three major types of screen changers include the manual screen changers, the hydraulic sliding plate screen changers, and hydraulic piston (bolt) screen changers.
Inexpensive new screen changers made in China for plastic extrusion process. Alternatives for refurbished and rebuild ones, with satisfactory quality and cost saving for your production need.

 About Us
HARDEN INDUSTRIES is a plastic machinery manufacturer based in China.The company specialized in components of plastic extruders, downstream extrusion equipments, and plastic recycling equipments. With co-operation with our European and American partners, we keep improving our product quality and technology level. All of our products are manufactured in China with good quality and competitive prices.
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