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Extruder Feed Screws&Barrels

Products Name: Extruder Feed Screws&Barrels

Features Specifications:

We supply screws and barrels for plastic extrusion machinery.
Screw & Barrel Ranges:

Injection Molding Machine Injection Volume: 30g - 25,000g
Single Screw Extruder Screw Diameter: 15mm -300mm
Conical Twin-screw Extruder Screw Diameter: 35mm - 92mm
Counter-Rotating Parallel Twin-screw Screw Diameter: 50mm - 180mm
Co-rotating Twin-screw Extruder Screw Diameter: 25mm - 120mm

Screw Technical Specifications:
Steel Material DIN 41CrA1Mo7 / AST M4140
Heat Treatment Nitride depth: 0.5 mm - 0.7 mm
Surface hardness: HV900 - HV1, 000
Chromate plating: Thickness 0.05 mm - 0.10 mm, hardness HV950
Special treatment: Carbide coating and bimetallic barrel
Screw straight tolerance 0.015 mm/m
Surface roughness Ra 0.4μm

Inexpensive new screws and barrels made in China for worn off and broken replacement.Alternatives for refurbished and rebuild ones, with satisfactory quality and cost saving for your production need.

 About Us
HARDEN INDUSTRIES is a plastic machinery manufacturer based in China.The company specialized in components of plastic extruders, downstream extrusion equipments, and plastic recycling equipments. With co-operation with our European and American partners, we keep improving our product quality and technology level. All of our products are manufactured in China with good quality and competitive prices.