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Styrofoam Shredder

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Products Name: Styrofoam Shredder

Features Specifications:

Model:FS250 - FS430
Output:100-380 kg/h
Motor Power:1.5-6 KW
Voltage:Three phase, 380V/460V
Styrofoam Shredder Detail Features
1. Styrofoam shredder reduces the volume of styrofoam boxes to 1/3 of its original space.
2. Styrofoam shredder is used to make flakes for cushion applications and for further recycling such as extrusion pelletizing.
3. Styrofoam shredder shreds quietly and generates minimized dust.
4. Styrofoam shredder adopts patented shredder knife design and shreds efficiently.
5. Styrofoam shredder is suitable for all use, from small shop to big factory.

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HARDEN INDUSTRIES is a plastic machinery manufacturer based in China.The company specialized in components of plastic extruders, downstream extrusion equipments, and plastic recycling equipments. With co-operation with our European and American partners, we keep improving our product quality and technology level. All of our products are manufactured in China with good quality and competitive prices.
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