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Luwatex Co., Ltd.

Luwatex Co., Ltd.
Luwatex Co., Ltd.
  • PVC/ OPP/ Multipurpose Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

    PVC/ OPP/ Multipurpose...

  • Teflon Seal Tape Making Machines

    Teflon Seal Tape Making...

  • Automatic Cling Film Rewinding Machine

    Automatic Cling Film...

  • Automatic Slitting Machine

    Automatic Slitting Machine

  • Automatic Cutting Machine (Double-Shaft)

    Automatic Cutting Machine...

  • Paper Core Making Machine

    Paper Core Making Machine

  • Auto Sealing & Shrink Packing Machine

    Auto Sealing & Shrink...

 About Us
Luwatex Co., Ltd. has a professional experience in adhesive tapes and labels whole plant machinery for over 20 years, including adhesive tapes coating machines, slitting machines, cutting (slicing) machines, rewinding machines, paper tube making machines and PTFE (teflon) seal tape making plants. We offer you not only the quality machine with the newest functions and performances but also technical know-how transfers, installations, test runs and training services. We always do our best for customers.
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Luwatex Co., Ltd.

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Export, Manufacture


Adhesive Tapes (Films/Labels) Making Machine, AutomaticSlitting Machine, Automatic Cutting Machine, AutomaticRewinding Machine, Paper Core (Tube) Making Machine, PTFE(Teflon) Seal Tape Making Machine, Various Adhesive Tapesand Teflon Seal Tapes

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