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  • High Speed Sheet Extruding Machine Special For PP Film

    High Speed Sheet Extruding...

  • File Envelope Auto Forming Machine

    File Envelope Auto Forming...

  • Heat And Stamping Machine

    Heat And Stamping Machine

  • PP Two-Layer Extruding Machine

    PP Two-Layer Extruding...

  • Inner Pages Edge-Folding Machine

    Inner Pages Edge-Folding...

  • Expanding File-Envelop Molding Machine

    Expanding File-Envelop...

  • 3-Layer Foamed Sheet Machine

    3-Layer Foamed Sheet...

  • PP Sheet Extruding Machine

    PP Sheet Extruding Machine

  • Thermifirming Sheet Extruding Machine

    Thermifirming Sheet...

  • PET Sheet Extruding Machine

    PET Sheet Extruding...

  • File Inner Pages Hot Joint Machine

    File Inner Pages Hot...

  • Auto Joint Machine For Expanding Envelop Cover And Inner Pages

    Auto Joint Machine For...

  • Ultrasonic Welder

    Ultrasonic Welder

  • Cooling System

    Cooling System

  • Mni Size Crushing

    Mni Size Crushing

 About Us
ShinRuey Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established in 1987 for about 23 years in Taiwan and we are specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing and producing of the machine for PP/ PE/ EVA /PET /PS/ PLA/PEVA sheets’ machine. Within 23 years of operation, we still make efforts on continued progress and innovation, and enhance our competitiveness. ShinRuey is capable of also provide all the customers most professional skill and best service in installation test, training services with our R & D spirit.
The Extruder machine that weve made in the same business domestic sector identify with our quality and with high reputation. SRY also has a global view and actively extended its frontier. We intention in our work step by step and so far our customer has been reach to China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil and …….
The product which producing by our company, that we deeply believe the sheets quality it will certainly satisfied your needs and we whish your company can also give us an advice. Shin Ruey is your ideal partner for the future success~
Shin Ruey History~
1987 Founded in Taiwan.
2001 Establish subsidiary company in China.
2006 China subsidiary moved and expanded performance.
2007 Taiwan headquarter expansion new factory and expanded operating.
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High Speed Sheet Extruding Machine,PP Two-Layer Extruding Machine,Thermoforming Sheet Extruding Machine,Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine,All type of PP/PE/EVA/PET/PS/PLA/PEVA Sheet Extrusion Machine,Film Envelop Auto Forming Machine,Heat Creasing Machine,Cool


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