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Sunwell Global Ltd

Sunwell Global Ltd
Sunwell Global Ltd
  • EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO Molding Machine(EPS And Epe Foam Extrusion Lines)

    EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO Molding...

  • EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO Molding Machine(EPE Foam Tube Or Profile Extrusion Lines)

    EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO Molding...

  • EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO Molding Machine(XPS Foam Insulation Board Extrusion Lines)

    EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO Molding...

  • HIPS/PP/APET Rigid Sheet Extrusion Lines

    HIPS/PP/APET Rigid Sheet...

  • Pellet Making Machine(EPS,EPE Re-Pelletizers)

    Pellet Making Machine(EPS...

  • HIPS PP Rigid Sheet Extrusion Lines

    HIPS PP Rigid Sheet...

  • Hermoforming Systems(M Series )

    Hermoforming Systems(M...

  • Hermoforming Systems(M Series)

    Hermoforming Systems(M...

  • Contact Heating Thermoforming Machine

    Contact Heating Thermoforming...

  • EPS Foam Cups Steam Chest Molding Systems

    EPS Foam Cups Steam...

  • EPS EPE Re-Pelletizers

    EPS EPE Re-Pelletizers

 About Us

Sunwell Machines Co., Ltd. established in 1988.
Manufacturers of extrusion and thermoforming equipment for foam and rigid packaging applications.
Established “Global Alliance” with Thermoforming Systems, LLC (USA) to: Develop advanced thermoforming technology. Combine European technical expertise and process knowledge for high end sheet extrusion technology. Offer competitive pricing world wide.
International Resources
Draw upon engineering resources in the United States, Europe and Asia to support and provide incremental improvements to its broad product line.
Manufacturing in Taiwan.
Sales offices in Taiwan, England , Mexico and USA.
Service support from Germany; UK; USA and Taiwan.
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Sunwell Global Ltd


EPS and EPE foam sheet extrusion lines ,EPE foam tube or profile extrusion lines,XPS foam insulation board extrusion linesHIPS; PP & APET rigid sheet extrusion lines,M series thermoforming systems,Contact Heating thermoforming machine,EPS foam cups steam


No.6-3 Taluen Rd.Tatsun Hsiang,Changhua Hsien,515 Taiwan