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KunShan Tech-send Extrusion Machinery

KunShan Tech-send Extrusion Machinery
KunShan Tech-send Extrusion Machinery
  • HDPE/PP/PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

    HDPE/PP/PVC Double Wall...

  • HDPE Large Diameter Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

    HDPE Large Diameter...

  • PVC Wood-Plastics Profiles Production Line

    PVC Wood-Plastics Profiles...

  • PVC Pipe Production Line

    PVC Pipe Production...

  • PVC Corrugated Pipe Production Line

    PVC Corrugated Pipe...

  • PP Single And Multi-Layer Composite Sheet Production Line

    PP Single And Multi-Layer...

  • ABS Single/Multi-Layer Composite Plate Production Line

    ABS Single/Multi-Layer...

  • PP Thick Board Production Line

    PP Thick Board Production...

  • PVC Free Epispastic Board/Decorative Plate Production Line

    PVC Free Epispastic...

  • PVC Transparent Sheet Production Line

    PVC Transparent Sheet...

  • PVC Crust Foam Plank Production Line

    PVC Crust Foam Plank...

  • PC Hollow Grid Board Production Line

    PC Hollow Grid Board...

  • PE Foam Plank Production Line

    PE Foam Plank Production...

  • XPS Foamed Board Production Line

    XPS Foamed Board Production...

  • PVC Shaped Material Production Line

    PVC Shaped Material...

 About Us
Tech-send Extrusion Machinery Co.Ltd,one of the professional Chinese plastic extrusion machinery manufacturing companies.
TS series large diameter HDPE/PVC doube-wall corrugated pipe machine,ribbed etrusion line,large diameter HDPE steel strip reinforced pipe extrusion line,large diameter DHPE water supplying and gas supplying pipe extrusion line,large diameter UPVC pipe extrusion line,PP-R PEX pipe extrusion line,PVC wood composite foamed profile,board and door extrusion line,UHNW-PE ultrahigh molecular weight PE pipe and sheer extrusion line,XPS heat insulation board extrusion line,XPS(IXPE) cross –link PE foamed coil extrusion line,PE/PVC aluminum composite sheet extrusion line,PE,PP,PS,ABS,PET,PETG singlelayer,multi-layer sheet,board and film extrusion line . Tech-send Extrusion Machinery (Kunshan)Co.Ltd,have many years professional design and tachnique expierience.Our profound understanding of plastic extrusion technique and extinguished component procession ability make our machines to be distinguished .Our long term accumulated manufacturing and commissing experience ,our knowledge on the latest extrusion technique and our application of ISO9001:2000 quality management system on every manufacturing procedure enable us to be your trustable partner. Tech-send company always put the customers benefit in the priority ,because we believe that custmers success is our success .Commitment to excellence and create for quallity machinery is our companys pursuit .Our company have been welll accepted by domestic customers and we have exported our machinery to Russia,Korea,Indonesia ,Vietnam,Germany,Iran,South American and other countries.
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KunShan Tech-send Extrusion Machinery


PE Pipe Extrusion Machinery,PVC Pipe Extrusion Machinery,Steel&Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machinery,PC/PET/EVA Sheet&Plate Extrusion Machinery,PVC Profile Extrusion Machinery


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