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Yung Hsien Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yung Hsien Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yung Hsien Machinery Co., Ltd.
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 About Us
Yung Hsien Focuses on EPS/EPP/EPO Recycling Machines
Yung Hsien Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a winner of the 2005 Excellent Taiwan-made Environmentally Friendly Products Award honored by the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, for its self-designed EPS/EPP/EPO recycling machine.
The machine, patented in Taiwan and mainland China, features integrated operations from crushing, conveying, and melting to feeding and extruding, as well as being easy to use, able to stop automatically, and having an automated security alert system.
Company president Kuo Tai Yu-chen notes the machine saves time, energy and space, and is especially suitable for use in public buildings, fish markets, electronic factories, cathode-ray-tube factories, and EPS manufacturing and recycling plants.
The EPS recycled by Yung Hsien`s machines can be made into CD boxes, construction materials, plastic baskets, flower stands, TV housings, etc.
Over the past few years, the company has been making all-out efforts to develop innovative machines that meet the international environment-protection standards. For instance, it has been successful to develop machines to remove CD coating and then recycle CDs as increasingly more CDs are being scrapped.
Yung Hsien notes its products have been sold to Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. In addition, the company has begun marketing in Western Europe through regional sales agents.
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Yung Hsien Machinery Co., Ltd.


Recycling Equipment,Compressor,Crusher,Storage Tank


NO. 72, Ren-ai Road, Bali Shiang, Taipei County, Taiwan